Are We All Programmed to Be Psychic? by Psychic Puju

Date 7/19/2021
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Hmm... so I'm psychic too, eh?!

Hmm... so I'm psychic too, eh?!

Am I psychic? Really, is anyone? Of course! Even you are psychic—we’re all programmed to be sensitive to life. We exist to be aware of our surroundings, some authentic psychics at higher levels than others. We succeed by our ability to be attentive to all life signals. We are encased with the answers we need to move through our lives profitably.

We’re also helped by supreme beings, elementals, and all natural life forms. Every moment we can check in to see where we are. We must remain calm and focused to watch, listen, and be aware of the life or death choices we make and patterns we follow. This has to do with all aspects of life—not just what we eat or how we take care of ourselves.

The beauty of intuition is that information is not linear; it is telepathic, visual language. We may communicate with plants, animals, and all life forms by using picture thinking. Be still for their responses. 

I’ve also inferred something from the String Theory of Quantum Physics: when a question is asked, the answer from all-knowing connects with the questioner to provide an appropriate answer. The answer isn’t quite focused. It’s more scattered, like a frantic inquiry, and is received scattered and fragmented. 

It’s like asking a hundred questions and the confusion causes the fragments to be shot out like a shotgun blast. The answers come back as they were sent. Wherever the answer comes from, it’s responsive quite specifically to the question. Calm focus is vital. 
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donnalee: I understand the first part, but am a little confused when you said the answer is scattered. and wherever the answer comes from, its responsive quite specifically to the question. Calm and focus. How do you sort everything out?

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