Are Psychics Really Psychic? By Psychic Anthony

Published Date 2/17/2015
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What can a psychic tell you? There's only one way to find out!

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There's no one who is more difficult to read for than someone who wants "proof" of the supernatural. As we all know (except those who don't) the symbolic magic of this dream world is real and not "super" anything. 

So please don't expect a psychic reading to convince you of the power of symbolic thought to transcend time and dimension. Take thirty years to learn the symbolic ancient wisdom encoded in the Tarot images and you'll prove it to yourself! 

You can also witness the true power of symbolic thought in many other ways as well. Through our nightly dreams we all use our own symbolic language to send mystical messages to our conscious mind to awaken our souls to the greater possibilities. 

I have had dreams of the future. 
I have also seen many cosmic coincidences too amazing to deny like saying "On the day John Lennon dies I'll be old!" to a friend a few hours BEFORE he was murdered! These subtle symbolic messages come to us all the time for those of us who are open to the subtle perception of mystical awareness.  

The symbolic power of the Poetic Mind is real. 
Want proof? Just call a psychic with an open mind and heart and you will see the power and wisdom unfold before your eyes as the reading comes true all around you as your future destiny unfolds! 

Yes it really really works!  

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Tamara: I had a reading with a new advisor " L" because, my favorite advisor was off! Anyway this new advisor was so blunt and honest I was shocked and a little what she told me. Well, today I had another reading from psychic " L " and her attitude and energy changed.. She gave me a reading on what I wanted to hear, but not what I needed to know, which is the truth! So I will not call on this advisor again LOLA is her name.. It's like she wasn't in the mood to give a reading, and milking my time. I wish advisor would not do that to there clients! Be honest, if your a psychic and can't read for a client then let the client know... Hey we don't have a connection. I do believe there are excellent advisors and fake ones...

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