Are Angels Real? by Psychic Rhiannon

Date 5/4/2020

Angels are all around us.

Angels are all around us.

I know that not everyone believes in angels. The moment I had this thought I heard, “We believe in you!” Angelic contact can be fun. The angels have a great sense of humor and love it when we laugh.

Laughter raises our vibrational frequency and makes it easier to connect with the spiritual realms.

Angels are all around us and have been interacting with humanity since the beginning of time. Have you ever felt you were protected in the craziest of circumstances? I certainly have! My angels tell me, “We hear every thought, every desire, and every plea. We know what you need before you do.”

Every prayer is heard and answered (although it may not come in the way we expect). Every prayer is of equal importance, from a parking spot to support and protection with our finances. There is no request that is too small or too large. I ask for protection and guidance every day. Not only for myself but others as well. I simply visualize a circle of angels around myself and others as I begin my day and ask them to be with us continuously. I appreciate the reinforcement and calm assurance their presence gives me. It’s wise to trust angelic contact.

Why not explore ways to get acquainted with your personal guardian angel? You can ask your angel for insight and clarity. I often ask,“What is my next step?” I receive messages in many ways. I may hear the answer clairaudiently or through a song on the radio. I may receive the answer by overhearing someone else's conversation. At times I have read the message on a license plate, bumper sticker, or billboard. There are endless possibilities!

Our angels want our happiness and the very best for us. Expect miracles! Our angels are with us whether we’re aware of them or not. Heaven is sending love continuously, not for the “special” few, but for ALL of us. We only need to open our hearts and be willing to receive.

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