Angel Card Readings - What to Expect

Date 11/17/2016

Have you experienced an Angel Card reading?

Have you experienced an Angel Card reading?

If you’ve ever had a card reading from any of our gifted psychics before of any sort (Tarot being the most common), you are probably familiar with the process. Your reader will ask you a question, perhaps she/he will tune into your energies and pray for a moment, shuffle the deck and draw cards however they see fit. From there they will explain messages and interpretations of cards in relevance to your question.

Messages from Angels

However not all types of card readings are the same.  Angel Cards differ in that they are more focused on the love and positivity elements of our lives. They are a beautiful tool many people use themselves at home and with qualified readers to get messages from their angels or guides about their life path, relationships, career, dreams, past over loved ones and much more. 

An Angel Card Reading is generally much more gentle in nature, and they usually try to turn a brighter light on the shadow sides of life. Of course, the angels know we cannot avoid the darkness at times, but they have an incredible way of turning it upside down and teaching us how we can find a blessing or lesson in every situation. 

What Can You Expect from an Angel Card Reading?

1. Have patience and try to relax during your reading. The more time we are able to spend preparing our cards for your reading, the better able we can tune into your individual energies. If we feel rushed, the messages can be a bit muddy or nonsensical. Give us a moment or two to call upon your angels and meditate upon your question. It helps if you are willing to participate in this meditation and relaxation too!

2. Be honest with the question you are asking. The Angel Cards will always show messages in regards to the hearts true desire. If you come to us asking about your career but every card is showing marriage and children… We may have to dig a little deeper into what you are truly feeling or desiring. Know that we hold no judgments towards you or anyone else, we are all equal and only want to help bring light to your situation.

3. Respect your psychic’s unique gifts. Every psychic/intuitive is different. Please do not try to test us or have us tell you what you are thinking –our cards and feelings guide us throughout the reading, and doing so would leave us feeling invalidated. We are highly sensitive people with feelings, too. Respect our gifts, as we are messengers of God and Angels, merely trying to help as many people as we can. 

4. Expect messages of positivity, hope and honest guidance from your reading. We will deliver to you messages from your angels and guides through the cards and through our feelings during the reading. If the cards drawn don’t make sense as per your question, rest assured there is still an important message present. As explained in #2, the cards will always show the hearts true wonderings. It happens once in a while – a client will walk away not resonating with their reading, but a week later, it all makes sense. It is all up to divine timing here, and Heaven isn’t always ‘on time’!

5. Enjoy and have fun with your reading! Your angels want you to be as happy as possible, and through their guidance during an Angel Card Reading that is what their desired outcome will be. You are always cared for and loved by your angels and this is surely to show in your next Angel Card Reading.

If you haven’t tried an Angel Card Reading, Psychic Source makes it easy and convenient for you, allowing you to choose if you call or chat! If you love to feel uplifted, supported and cared for, and Angel Card reading is the exact type of reading you are looking for. 

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