Analyzing a common, recurring dream about dogs

Published Date 1/12/2013
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Analyzing a common, recurring dream about dogs

Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat after dreaming about a dog? Perhaps the animal was chasing you or maybe it brought back old memories of a pet you used to have. Believe it or not, dreaming of dogs is not uncommon.

It's important to keep the context in mind when analyzing a dream about a dog. For example, a vision of a dog attacking or chasing after you may indicate misfortune or certain struggles happening in your life. If you're playing with a dog and having fun, this may be a reflection of something positive happening with you at this current time.

"[These dreams] often provide a hunch about something going on inside yourself," Jungian analyst Vocata George told The Huffington Post. How you feel about dogs will play a big role in how the dream can be processed. "For example, if you loved a dog as a child and it died, that is a different feeling than if you were attacked by a dog at some point in your life."

For more information about what your vision might mean, consider speaking to a psychic who specializes in dream interpretation. An online psychic reading may be able to provide you with more clarity into your dreams.

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