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Published Date 1/25/2017
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Not all psychics or readings are the same!

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The ability to give a psychic reading is a valuable gift. Few people in this world have the pleasure of being an intuitive psychic.  You may be curious about types pf psychic readers or what a psychic reading can do for you, but aren’t sure where to start.  Well, coming to Psychic Source is a great place to being, but allow me to share a little overview of psychics, their gifts and how they can help you!

Varieties of Psychic Advice
One value of the gift of sight is to be able to help others. Psychics do this in several ways. By perception of the unknown a psychic is able to give a reading that can assist others with facing a life problem or decision. Psychics also can give proper and timely advice to help guide decisions. A psychic reading may help an individual move forward or move on from a painful or toxic situation and finally put the past in the past. Readings can show what steps to take and what direction or choice may be the most useful. The individual can be shown the most direct path to solving a problem.

Different Types of Psychic Readers
All psychics have individual talents and diverse abilities. Each individual psychic reads differently. Some use divination tools such as tarot cards or runes, while others just empath or see and feel the situation directly. Some perceive with their eyes open and some with their eyes closed. This is called channeling and a type of clairvoyance. What a psychic is actually doing is channeling their consciousness to the vibrations and images that are coming from the person they are reading. Some psychics can actually hear voices and vibrations from the spirit world. This is called clairaudience. To smell things from the spirit realm is clairsentience. To commune with the spirit world is mediumship

All of these abilities and tools can give an accurate and useful reading to help each individual make informed life choices. This will help aid in moving forward towards a happier, healthier, and freer life path.

Want to learn more?  Get started here and explore all the great articles and resources found on Psychic Source. 

Blessings dear friends!
Kya x8004

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