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Published Date 10/15/2017
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No one wants to hear bad news... but it often leads to good things!

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I’ve given countless psychic readings over the years.  I would love for all of them to conclude with a happy ending, but that’s not reality. There are times in psychic readings where the reader must deliver difficult news. It is certainly not pleasant. No one wants to be disappointed, dejected and sad. However, this does not mean that the reading was faulty.

In life, things can sometimes turn out badly. That loving relationship can go sideways. That great job you wanted went to someone else. The car that you were hoping to buy is just a bit too expensive. You are not sure if you are going earn good grades. These are the disappointments of life.

It is unrealistic to expect that every path is going to be without out issue. It is a fact that is frequently forgotten. It may seem obvious, but even the most logical among us hope that every reading, every consultation, every question will have a soothing upbeat answer. Few go looking for choices that turn out badly. Even the most appropriate decisions can lead to unexpected outcomes.

No One is Unsympathetic.

Being the bearer of bad news is painful. It hurts the most empathetic to say that the expected resolution is not coming. No one wants to tell someone a bitter cold fact. Even the most upbeat and positive among us know that at some point in life there will be disappointment. No one has a charmed free life absent pain and suffering. 

It may appear that some are doing better. Appearances can be deceptive. Exterior happiness effectively conceals inner anguish. The couple that always appears so loving may have had a great loss. The successful friend may be dealing with depression. Your wonderful looking girlfriend may be confronting an abusive past. We may not see the paths that lead to pain because most hide it so well. As a rule, most do not share personal dilemmas in public places.

Upon hearing bad news, the reaction is to end the conversation. Anger, denial, and frustration are all unleashed on the reader. It is as if the reader is deliberately creating a gallery of horrors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All psychic readers work to see the most positive, the most beneficial, the most hopeful of every situation. The reality is that sometimes there are truths that are difficult to digest. There is also the fact that readers may have to share this information. 

Members can be so shaken by the hard news that they fail to hear more. The relationship that ends horribly may open a door to a new truly lasting one. That breakup could lead to reconciliation down the line. The house that you wanted was not that great after all. Your career will do well even if you flunked a class. Some are so hit by bad news, they fail to see that down the line there is a cloud with a silver and gold lining.

Listening to difficult news, can be the best news you can hear. Do not deprive yourself of a lesson learned or a way out of trouble. Let your reader be there during hard news times so you can both be there to celebrate the great times that still lie ahead. 

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RosieReal: So interesting that I should come across this when I've recently been having discussions pertaining to this very topic. I've always had difficulty with the phrase 'everything happens for a reason.' Especially when the 'everything' is painful and or tragic. But although, I still believe the phrase itself to be distancing and trite, I've learned that the sentiment and reasoning behind it is true. Now I'm working on strengthening my beliefs, my sense of self-worth and purpose so that I am not (emotionally) flayed alive when disappointments in life occur. It's hard to imagine a silver or gold lined cloud down the line when you are going through a difficult time but I think I've gotten to a place where I can ask myself, what lesson am I supposed to learn from this? And, What do I have going for me right now? What's the next step? The road to self discovery is not an easy one but it is worthwhile. Thank you for reminding me of and reinforcing this truth.

Laurel912: Great article and reminder. Thank you.

Sandy1016: Your certainly correct. I'm facing such consequences now with the person I'm choosing to be with and my family hates. But there are no promises, they may be right I should end it and find someone new. But I need to give this a go even though our track record sucks and see where it goes. I have a few readings all day things are going to be tough especially with my family but in time things will work out in the end. I'm not sure what that means .... but I'm open to see what life holds for me/us in the future. It's scary but I will never know if I don't try. I need someone to tell me truths and not what I want to hear. What will happen and if possible, when. Looking for answers. Sandy

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