An Entertaining Party Turned Into a Surreal Reading by Psychic Marissa

Published Date 11/7/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

A few Tea Readings turned into some big surprises!

I got together with a Red Hatters group of 12 women about six years ago for a party around this time of year. I was in charge of entertainment and decided to perform Tea Readings for all twelve of them. 

I had never actually done a Tea Reading, so imagine their surprise (and mine) when not only could I do the readings, but the readings were accurate!

I also took each person into a separate room and read their photos for them. I can still remember the look on their faces. 

One woman in particular comes to mind. I described a man standing behind her wearing a surgical mask, including his hair, eye color, build, etc. She asked me to repeat it so I did.

“That's my husband!” she yelled. I quickly asked if he was living or dead, and she regretfully informed me that her husband had passed away. She told me that he had gone through sinus surgery and hemorrhaged during the night and died. 

In the photo, I believe that’s why I saw the surgical mask on his face. The connection was that I too had gone through sinus surgery and recognized the surgical mask right away. 

I was able to let her know that he was still with her and listened as she worked through her emotions due to the loss. 

She passed away a few years ago after a bout with brain cancer. He was waiting for her, I’m sure of that. I got quite a lesson that Halloween!

If you’d like me to give you a reading such as this over the phone or by chat, by all means, give me a call. I don’t just do Tea Readings; I’m clairsentient and clairvoyant, and can pick up on emotions, situations, and encounters based on your life.
Author's Photo by Marissa x7501

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