An elevator dream may bring positive change

Published Date 4/24/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

An elevator dream may bring positive change

How many times have you woken up after a recurring dream, only to ask yourself why it keeps happening? If you're constantly envisioning yourself moving in an elevator, there may be a good explanation for your dream and why it continues night after night.

The most common assumption pertaining to this dream is that it indicates an elevated vantage point in your life. You may now be on the rise toward obtaining more psychological or emotional wealth. In general, elevator dreams tend to be positive, meaning you may have nothing to worry about!

However, the indication may be the opposite if you're cascading downward in an elevator. This can mean that you're in for disappointment in your life, and the dream should be heeded more as a warning. 

Whether you constantly dream of elevators or the beach, consider contacting a psychic line to learn more about your visions. Authentic psychic readings can give you insight into why these dreams are occurring. They may also require you to take action in your career or relationships to stop the visions from happening in the future.


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