Am I Psychic? Learn to Enhance and Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Date 6/15/2021

Do you have a strong connection to others and their emotions? Does intuition feel like second nature? It doesn’t take a trained psychic to see that you have amazing gifts that are itching to be developed and utilized. But where do you start?

We’ve compiled a resource guide to help you determine what type of gifts you have and to what extent, as well as how to develop and hone those abilities. Our goal is for you to realize your potential to live a happier, fuller life-guiding yourself and others.

How to Find Out if You Have Psychic Gifts

Do you think you are psychic? Read about the types of psychic abilities, watch a quick video on how to find out if you're psychic, and take the quiz that will help you tell to find out if you have innate psychic abilities.

Am I Psychic Quiz

Psychic Test - What Are My Psychic Abilities?

Am I Psychic? See into your own future with this free quiz developed by Psychic Source to help determine and develop your intuitive and psychic abilities. Take the Quiz >

Are You Psychic

Video: How to Tell if You're Psychic?

Are you Psychic? It's a question on many people's minds, especially as they explore types of psychics and types of psychic readings. In this video, our Psychic Source Advisors address this question. Watch Now >

Yes, You Are Psychic

Yes, Virginia, You Really Are Psychic! by Psychic Arthur

To some extent or another, everyone is psychic, but not all of us use our abilities because we don't know we have them or how to use them. Psychic Advisor Arthur explores the most common forms of psychic abilities and how you can learn to improve them! 

I am Psychic, What Do I Do? Learn About Your Skills and How to Use Them

Once you’ve taken the test, you’ve confirmed that you’re certainly gifted! So where do you go from here? Take some time to learn about your abilities and get the help you need to learn to work with different types of energy. 

Awaken Your Inner Light

Guided Meditation Podcast: Awaken Your Inner Light

It's important to cultivate your inner light and wellbeing. Discover our special soothing, encouraging and free Guided Mediation Podcast to help you break out of your shell... and shine from within! Listen now >

Opening Your Third Eye

Is It Dangerous to Awaken Your Third Eye? by Psychic Minerva

Learn about the third eye meaning, how to open your third eye safely, what happens when it is opened, and how to balance your third eye chakra. Read Now >

How to Channel Your Psychic Gifts

How to Channel Your Psychic Gifts

If you feel that you have psychic abilities, channeling those gifts can benefit your life and the lives of those around you. 

Cool Tools For Extra Help

Cool Tools For Extra Help by Psychic Mylie

Sometimes you need extra guidance and support, but a psychic advisor is not an option. Instead, learning these 3 self-help methods will help ground, center, clear, and expand your energy field; shift your energy, and help you protect yourself in times where you feel anxious or a bit too drained by others. 


Develop and Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

It’s important to learn how to safely and effectively work with energy, awaken your inner light, and develop your psychic gifts. But just like you would with any other technique, all of this takes lots of practice to master! Choose a podcast based on the type of psychic gift you’d like to develop.


Being an Empath

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast: Being an Empath by Psychic Sadia

Sadia developed a daily meditation teaching you how to protect yourself from the intense feelings of others and to release negative energy/excess emotions on a daily basis. Sadia's meditation podcast is even perfect for those who aren't empaths but are looking to release stress or get through a hard time. Start Here >

Being a Clairvoyant

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast: Being a Clairvoyant by Psychic Elijah

Elijah's meditation podcast walks you through not only the steps to clear your mind and get to know your third eye, but to also honor yourself and your intuition. He will help you balance your sixth chakra to find clarity and vision. Begin Here >

Being an Intuitive

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast: Being an Intuitive by Psychic Leena

Sometimes it's hard to use, trust, or believe in your gut feeling; But you can tap into that through meditation! Leena guides you through the process of unclogging your channel of perception so that clarity can filter in. This podcast will allow you to ask for wisdom, strength, and patience to grow spiritually. Listen Here >

Being a Medium

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast: Being a Medium by Psychic Ricky

Every medium is different. In Ricky's podcast, he offers various techniques that he has developed over the years that resonate with his own individual spirit, but he explains that it's important that you adapt these variations to fit your own needs. You should always be open to new educational opportunities to enhance your gifts. Discover More >

Being Spiritual

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast: Being Spiritual by Psychic Betty

We all have spiritual abilities lying within us. Wake yours with Betty's help! Betty's guided meditation podcast contains three visual exercises and a specific mantra to help you get in touch with your higher, spiritual self. She teaches you to train your brain so that connecting with spirit becomes easier and easier. Get Started >

Be Proud of Your New-Found Psychic Identity!

If you’re new to this side of things, calling yourself “psychic” might take some getting used to—and that’s OK! Learn how to combat naysayers and proudly broadcast what “psychic” represents to you.

Reclaiming the Word Psychic

Video: Reclaiming the Word Psychic

The word psychic has a negative connotation for many people, including our own gifted Advisors. Can it be reclaimed as something more positive? Watch this video to hear what our Advisors have to say about it. View Here >


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