Addressing a recurring nightmare of being chased

Published Date 6/9/2012
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Addressing a recurring nightmare of being chased

Many people have recurring dreams that they wish they could understand. Whether it's a happy reverie or a nightmare, a repeated dream can wear on your mind and make you wonder if there is truly something behind these images that keep appearing in your head.

One dream that many people have repeatedly is of a person, monster or animal chasing them. This is typically perceived as a nightmare, and it can cause immense stress. If you have this dream on a regular basis, you might want to consider its underlying meaning.

A dream of being chased can be an indicator that you are attempting to avoid a problem or person while you are awake. The person, animal or monster that is chasing you might represent an underlying emotion that is causing you stress, whether it be anger, jealousy or fear.

A psychic chat may be able to help clear things up if you are having trouble understanding this nightmare. With his or her talents, a psychic can shed light on the causes of this dream and help you address the issue while you are awake.

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