Adding Tarot to Your Psychic Development by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 7/14/2018
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"I wanted to know everything about the cards..."

"I wanted to know everything about the cards..."

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For me, developing my psychic skills using tarot was a special journey. As a child with an intuitive, loving, very psychic, and spiritual mother we used no tools.  We have always believed that using our own energy was vastly more powerful than anything we could ever lay our hands on. I was taught that using our powerful minds was the biggest gift of all. 

But what happens when powerful minds and the power of the tarot meet up? You can probably guess that it reinforces the answers and insights into the situation being looked into. It truly can bring clarity to any situation.

Amplifying Psychic Abilities by Mastering Tarot

My psychic development with respect to mastering tarot was a 3-part process.

1. Believing it was necessary to use the tarot over and above using just our minds
. I learned later that by adding the tarot to the mix of messages I myself could see and believe, I could add another element of intuition and power to the mix making it a double whammy. As a caring advisor, it's that double-whammy good feeling we want our clients to feel anyway, right? By using both our energy and the tarot combined we offer a huge boost to the overall energy of each reading.

2. Beginning with the basics - Learning the origin and basics of the tarot.
This became very important to me. I'm a researcher at heart, so I wanted to know everything about the cards, the types of cards, traditions, and variations, and the uses of tarot as a divine tool. 

3. Understanding the Major Arcana cards before all others.
I developed my own psychic skills using tarot by understanding the deep spiritual messages that the Major Arcana cards offer. These are the cards that reflect messages on a higher level.  They speak to your soul on changes you may need to make spiritually or life lessons, things to ponder that will make significant changes in your life if you do.

Adding tarot to your psychic development is a personal choice. We know what works best for us personally. In my journey, the cards have become important to add depth and more meaning to the energy that I myself pick up. The variations of each brand of the deck are wonderful, the art magnificent, and each meaning is a poignant reminder of who we are and where we are going. 

Each of us is on a journey to grow and in the process, wishes to remain happy and at peace. We have the tool of our powerful minds to get us where we are going. In using the cards, we see reflections of self that will help us bridge any waters that hold us back. 

The Tarot – what a grand tool to add to the mix of our own energy!

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