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Published Date 7/15/2017
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Giving a psychic reading can never be 100% accurate for a few possible reasons.

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If I had one wish, it would be 100% accuracy in readings. But unfortunately, I’m human and given that particular weakness; I interpret what my guides say to the best of my ability. Sometimes a psychic’s personal and very human filter affects the reading in some way. What I mean by “human filter” is the way we grow up, our personal lives and our health can affect our interpretation of a reading. 

Most of us develop relationships with the callers and they learn to trust that even if we aren’t always exactly right, we are doing our best to be as honest with our readings as possible. 

Three things can cause a less than accurate reading. 

1. Clarity of Vision
Getting images psychically is like talking to someone on a cell phone going through a tunnel. I hear or see every other word. Images that are shared with me by my guides are often a bit cryptic and difficult to decipher. An example of the images I see: 

“Candle” (time to clear your mind); 
“Wind” (moody or distracted); 
“Sturdy tree” (inner strength); 
“My mother laughing” (safety – love); 
“My sister” (protection); 
“My father and his calculator” (something is wrong in your finances).

How do I Interpret Those Images? 
If I saw those images in the exact way they are listed above, I would say to you: “Ok, you seem a bit overwhelmed. Is something happening with a family member? Are you worried about someone? There is a money problem, isn’t there? “ 

But it could mean: “Your husband/boyfriend has been moody and distant because he is worried about money. Find inner strength and remain calm, this is not about you.”

How do I Know the Difference? 
That is where you come in – I’m not in this alone. We are working as a team to get to the root of the situation and look towards the future and resolve your problem or concern. As I speak with you, I connect with your energy and I can figure out what interpretation works best for you. It takes a village? Rather, it takes two of us to work through your question. If you hold back or are not being true to yourself about what you really want – inaccuracies with most defiantly happen. 

2. The Client
You are calling a psychic service for the first time. You are nervous but more than that you want to know when you are going to have someone sleeping by your side at night. It has been MONTHS and you are tired of being alone. However, the last thing you want to hear is that it is going to be a while or worse that it is someone you already know. Gawd! You aren’t attracted to ANY ONE you know. The psychic is clearly WRONG and you hang up!!!

After all, you want to know when a guy with 12-pack abs is going to rock your world all night long. And then make you breakfast. And then buy you a mansion. And spend the rest of your life heating up the sheets with out-of-this-world sex. What you do not want to hear is that “Sherman” your office mate is going to ask you out. Gross. So, you hang up. And guess what? Sherman asks you out. He does not have 12 pack abs or a mansion, but he is true blue and will love you always. 

I’m not making fun. I want Mr. 12-pack Abs too. We all do. But what we need and what is right for our path is not always what we want. It doesn’t mean we can’t dream. But that’s a topic for another article. 

Ok, so hopefully I made you laugh a little. But why is it that sometimes I am right on target with you and other times… not so much. Well, that is intention.

3. Intention
The simple truth is that I see what I am allowed to see. And I then share with you, what you need to know at that time. Nothing more. Both of us go on the assumption that you will, for example, get that job. Because that is what I see. And it is because we are meant to assume that. Our guides, yours and mine, know what you are capable of hearing at any given time. If I were to see and then share with you that you “wouldn’t get that job now, but you will make a great impression and they will offer you something down the road.“ How much do you want to bet that you would go into the interview deflated and
not give the interview that you were meant to give at that time? 

We need to trust that our loving guides and angels know what is best for us and what we still need to learn. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t all work out the way we saw it when we spoke or chatted. There is a reason for what has happened. And we will learn about it together. 

Inaccuracies aside, I am here for you. I look forward to speaking with all my weekly callers and my new callers. You make a difference in my life and I hope in some small way I have helped you. I am invested in helping you live a loving and healthy life. And I will use all of the skills (psychic and plain ol’ human) I have to help you get there. 

I hope to talk with you “on the line.”


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