A Tarot Reading Can Reveal Your Soul Mate by Psychic Sara

Published Date 2/10/2013
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A Tarot Reading can reveal soul mate connections

There are two cards in the Tarot deck that often indicate a soul mate connection. They are the Minor Arcana cards, the Two of Cups and the Six of Cups. Cups is one of the four suits of the Minor Arcana and it represents emotions, feelings, soul energy, and inter-personal relationships. 
The number two represents communication, balance, and partnership. When the Two of Cups shows up in a reading it indicates a life partnership, a committed relationship, is present or on the way. There is a strong soul mate connection that will develop into a partnership in this life. 
The number six represents balance, harmony, and service and relationship with others. When the Six of Cups shows up in a reading it indicates a relationship that has its roots in the past, either from a past life or from earlier in this life or childhood. The soul connection runs deep and there is much sweetness and pleasure when engaged in this relationship.  Though there is a deep soul mate connection with this card, it does not necessarily mean that it will develop into a marriage or partnership type of relationship. Whether it does develop or should be left in the past will depend on what else comes up in the reading and your psychic’s intuitive and empathic insights.

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