A Spirit Who Left a Mark by Psychic Michelle

Date 12/3/2018

Is a spirit lurking in your home?

Is a spirit lurking in your home?

Three years ago, I was asked to investigate a house that had active spirits. I was greeted at the door by the lady that lived there and her brother who was visiting.  They were remodeling the upstairs and the walls were freshly painted.  Everything looked immaculate.

I was drawn to the basement immediately, so I proceeded to go down. As I was walking down the stairs I could feel the temperature drop.  It suddenly got quite chilly for a hot summer day.  

There were two spirits in the basement.  One was a child, the other a very angry hostile spirit.  We lit candles and recited the St. Michael Prayer of protection, and smudged with sage.  We could feel the child spirit go to the light.  After about a half hour, the owner's dogs that were outside were barking quite loudly.  

When we finished and headed back upstairs, we heard the woman’s brother shout, "OH MY GOD!"  We ran to see what was happening.  All along the freshly painted wall were three large scratch marks, stretching along the entire wall to the open window.  

Whatever we cast out of that basement, angrily left it’s "calling card" marks on the freshly painted wall, then exited through the open window.  
Last I heard, everything is peaceful and happy there.
Author's Photo by Michelle x7021

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