A Letter to an Empath by Psychic Avery

Date 6/7/2022

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A note to my fellow empath:

I know how you feel. I know the overwhelming feeling you get when everything around you has left you drained.
I know the feeling of wanting to be alone, not to be anti-social but to charge your own battery.

I know the random spouts of anxiety that you cannot quite label yours.

I know how you feel when you sit there feeling lonely and depressed but going through your head trying to figure out WHY you feel this way.

I know the feeling of bewilderment when someone who is in need of healing comes to you.
I know the feeling of anger when you watch the 5PM news.
I also know the places you need to avoid because the energy is too much for you to handle.

I know what others are going through, just by looking them into the eyes.
I know what they are holding onto, what is hurting them, and what needs to be healed.

When we say “I feel your pain” it is quite literal.

We FEEL the migraine you are dealing with.
We FEEL the stomach butterflies that are making you feel uncomfortable.
We FEEL the twisted ankle you have while running out the door and slipping on some ice.

I know the feeling of energy depletion all too well.
I know what it’s like to sit in a loud and crowded room wanting to be by myself,
alone in my car.

We know and wear the labels of “Sensitive” “Quirky” “Judgmental.”
It’s not that we are judgmental. It’s actually the opposite.
It’s called EMPATHY.

We know that person is having a hard time because WE FEEL their pain.
We know that person is dealing with their anger because I AM ANGRY.
We know that person is trying to mend their broken heart because my heart feels completely shattered.

This “sensitivity” is both a gift and a curse.
We wear the pain of others on top of our own.
We keep distances from people not because we want to, but because we have to.
We are introverts for a reason,
It’s not that we don’t like people,
It’s just that we can only take so much energy at a time.

Our boundaries are here to keep me safe.
Our quiet nature is because I don’t want to impose.
We leave places early because my energy gas tank is filled.

We want you to know, that we know you are hurting even before you say it out loud or admit it to yourself.
We do know what you are going through, and we are here for you.

We will sit by you and listen to your words.
We will understand what you are going through.
We will help you overcome this.

We are natural healer.
We have a natural desire to help people,
We want the people around me to be happy, because when they are happy

Please take me for us what we are.
Don’t label us weird,
Or freaks.
Don’t whisper about us while we walk by, because WE KNOW you are.
Your innuendos and passive aggressive remarks are duly noted.
The eye rolls behind our backs we are well aware of
Because WE FEEL the tension it is causing.

This gift we hold is rare.
We don’t know why we are this way – but we are.
We have learned our energetic limits,
And are aware of the energy around us
Because we are sponges to it.

All we ask is that you respect us,
You take us for who we are,
And you allow our time and solitude when we ask for it.

Our intentions are honorable.
We want to help you,
But we need to help ourselves first.

-- Psychic Avery


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