A dream of drowning - what does it truly mean?

Published Date 1/7/2013
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A dream of drowning - what does it truly mean?

While some of the dreams you have might be comforting, others may cause you to jolt out of bed. One common dream that many people have is of drowning, but what does it mean?

There are a few assumptions that are often made about this dream (or nightmare, depending on how you feel about it). Those who envision themselves drowning are typically feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Certain issues that have been repressed in the past might also be resurfacing, causing anxiety.

Many people perceive drowning dreams to indicate that they need to slow down and proceed more cautiously. Doing so can encourage individuals to think through their decisions before creating more worries when they're not asleep.

A drowning dream that recurs may be put to rest by talking through underlying feelings and working through any fears that might be dominating during the daytime.

Speak to a psychic who specializes in dream interpretation if you're interested in learning more about your nighttime visions. An online psychic reading may help you hone in on the causes of your dreams and show you how to keep them from coming back.

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