A Breakdown of Common Words You Hear in Astrology Readings

Published Date 11/7/2014
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Knowing common words in astrology can help you understand your horoscope better

Even though horoscopes and astrology are so popular that they're in magazines and daily newspapers, there are still some words that are unfamiliar to many people. Here are six common terms you hear in horoscopes and astrology readings.

Natal Chart

A natal chart, also called a birth chart, is a map of how the planets, moon, and sun were aligned at the exact time a person was born. The chart is often used to gain insight into the person's personality. While many Western astrologers draw the chart in the shape of a wheel, it can also be drawn in the shape of a square. An online psychic can use your natal chart to help you understand yourself and the world around you.


A natal chart is divided into 12 houses. In a wheel-shaped chart, the first house typically starts at the nine o'clock position, and subsequent houses are placed from there in a counterclockwise direction. Each house represents a different area of a person's life.


In a natal chart, the ascendant or rising sign is the zodiac sign coming over the horizon at the exact moment a person was born. This sign changes about every two hours. The ascendant is very important since it indicates a person's disposition, personality, appearance, and general outlook on life.


An eclipse occurs when one heavenly body blocks the light of another. A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun, and a solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the Earth and the sun. Eclipses are usually times of great change. During the month of a solar eclipse, deep feelings come to the surface and emotions tend to run high. Lunar eclipses are usually the time of beginnings and endings, especially in relationships.


When a planet is in retrograde motion, the planet looks as if it's going backwards in the sky. During a retrograde period, the effects of the planet are either stopped or slowed down. For example, three or four times a year, Mercury will go retrograde. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, many astrological readings recommend not negotiating, signing contracts, or launching new businesses during this time. However, it is a good time for reorganizing and reworking old plans.


An opposition occurs between two planets that are directly across from each other on a natal chart. Exact opposition occurs between planets that are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions are generally viewed as stressful since they represent conflict and duality. However, those who use their oppositions well can understand the other side of an argument, and people who are able to overcome their oppositions see great personal growth.

When you know the meanings of these common words in astrology readings, you can better understand your own horoscope. This in turn will give you a better understanding of yourself.


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donnalee: Thank you for the explanation . It makes readings more interesting and clearer. How do we find all of this, and is their a chart that can be purchased.

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