8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Psychic Reading by Psychic Anthony

Date 10/22/2020

Have you tried a chat reading with Psychic Source?

Have you tried a chat reading with Psychic Source?

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When you decide it’s the right time for a psychic reading, you want to get the most out of your experience. There are certain things you should (or should not) do to help get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. 

I’ve been giving psychic readings for quite some time, so I’d like to pass along of some of my knowledge and wisdom to help you get the most out of your next psychic reading. 

Don't worry if you can't try all of them at once, read the list and pick a few that resonate with you best to get started and see if you notice a better psychic reading experience as a result. 

  1. I would suggest that you save up your pennies to get at least a 15-minute reading. Yes, shorter readings are good too, even a quick 2-3 minutes can get you a spontaneous reading that will surprise you with good information, but a 15 minute reading, or more, can give you a deeply satisfying reading that will not leave you hanging and wishing for more clarification.

  2. Prepare for your reading beforehand with meditation, prayer, and rituals that will help you raise your psychic vibration and allow you to be in the right emotional and intellectual frame of mind to get as much as you can from the experience. A psychic reading is like going to see a sensitive and sacred person of knowledge who can show you the masterplan. Empathic Psychic mediums are deep and sensitive people so be aware that you will be dealing with a very mystical person’s life, attitude, and experience. Each psychic is a unique artist of the spirit and has their own special gifts and approach.

  3. No matter what form of psychic reading you desire, you should write down what you want to discuss before the reading and have a clear idea of what your question will be and what part of your life you want to discuss. I might even suggest that you could save a little time and money in a chat reading by typing your question in a separate document before you chat and just quickly pasting it into the chat window. If you are having a phone reading or video reading, get a notebook and a pen or record the reading if you can. Take good notes during the reading. Write down your reading after you hang up, and remember as much as you can, and take notes as you are getting the reading. The beauty of a Psychic Source chat reading is once the reading ends, a copy of your transcript is available in your account to refer back to, so you can really concentrate on the reading without the need for taking notes.

  4. Immediately write down your impressions of the issues and relationships that were discussed, including the predictions for the future, and try to be specific. Do not wait and let your daily life concerns cloud your thoughts and intrude, because psychic readings are refined energy that quickly dissipates unless you write it down. The same is true for your dreams. If you think about them upon immediately waking up, before your daily life begins, you will remember them better. Write them down before you get on with your day and you will remember them exactly, especially before you do anything else, otherwise they evaporate away and be forgotten! I have always kept a dream and daily journal as a source of free therapy to help me understand my symbolic dreams, visions, complex emotions, and intense, mystical experiences.

  5. Think deeply about your future before you call and try to see the kind of future you would like the YOUniverse to manifest. This is very important to let the YOUniverse know what you want for yourself in this world. “As you think, so shall it be! “, the savior says, and the ancient mystics say, “Whatever comes into your bowl, sooner or later, ends up in your spoon.” So, think positively about who you are and what you want from this life. I always ask each caller to see that future. It is the random factor of shuffling that creates the message that is meaningful to you. Nothing controls the random factors in this realm but the perfection of the Cosmic Mind of the YOUniverse.

  6. Try to see that you are about to enter another realm of existence in a psychic reading. To get the most out of it when you call, feel the psychic energy and power in yourself first and get into a mood to receive refined information that can see far into the future, deep into the heart, and far beyond this world into the infinity within infinity of the Realms Within! Be sensitive, polite, faithful and kind.

  7. Now you’re ready for a truly inspiring and enlightening mystical experience of the Dream Time power that can see beyond time and space to that other place where we exist as a ball of living light in the Spirit World between lifetimes. It is the same world we visit each night in our dreams, and it is the same power that will speak to us magically in synchronicities, chance meetings, and coincidences that mean something only to us. Think of it as a private cosmic joke from that part of us that is always and forever one with the whole YOUniverse.

  8. If you look for the magic, the magic looks for you!

One bonus tip, while I’d love to speak with you, if I’m not available or you’d like to try someone new, Psychic Source has a great, free tool designed to help you find a psychic.  Just answer a few quick questions and they will point you in the right direction to a selection of handpicked psychic advisors you are sure to enjoy. Try it out sometime!


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