7 Traditional Symbols for Good and Bad Luck

Published Date 3/15/2019
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Four-leaf clovers are a traditional sign of good luck.

Four-leaf clovers are a traditional sign of good luck.

Every culture has different symbols for good luck and bad luck. You can find them in nature and in household objects. If you're looking to increase your good luck and avoid bad luck, take a look at some of these traditional symbols associated with both types of luck.

Four-Leaf Clovers

The four-leaf clover is a popular symbol of luck because it's not as common as three-leaf clovers. If you find one, keep it with you; it's considered good luck.


Cultures all over the world view the frog as a positive symbol that represents luck, prosperity, and wealth. Ancient Romans thought that the frog brought good luck to the home, and Aboriginal Australians believed that frogs brought beneficial rains. Frogs are also said to attract long-lasting love. You can also chat with a psychic online to help you find love.

Spilling Salt

Spilling salt is a bad luck omen that goes back to ancient Rome. The Romans believed that salt was a symbol of friendship because of its enduring quality. If you accidentally spill salt, common belief says you should toss a pinch over your left shoulder to avert the evil omen.


A horseshoe is an interesting symbol because it can represent either good luck or bad luck. Hang a horseshoe pointing up on the wall or above a door to gather the luck, and keep it inside forever. On the other hand, if you have a horseshoe hanging with the ends pointing down, all the luck will fall out.

Broken Mirrors

According to superstition, if you break a mirror, you'll experience seven years of bad luck. Although it's hard to trace back the origins of the superstition that a broken mirror leads to bad luck, many believe it has to do with a mirror showing your soul. Thus, a broken mirror shows a shattered soul. To avoid this bad luck, you can bury the pieces of mirror in the moonlight, toss them into running water, or leave them exactly how they fell for seven hours and then immediately pick them up.


Ladybugs are said to bring good luck and the power to free yourself from day-to-day problems. If you feel stressed or burdened by everyday problems, you can also turn to a telephone psychic reading for help. However, never kill a ladybug, because that's considered bad luck.


Dolphins are viewed as symbols of luck and protection. This belief can be traced back to ancient sailors. After spending months or years at sea, seeing dolphins swimming around the ship was a welcome sign that land was near.

If you're looking to round up more good luck and leave the bad luck behind, these traditional symbols from around the world can help. Keep a few good luck symbols on you to bring positive fortune your way.


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