6 Things to do before you call Psychic Source.

Published Date 5/25/2012
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Make the call today!

Sometimes it’s an impulse call; sometimes you’ve been thinking about calling for so long you wonder why you just don’t dial already. Which kind of caller are you? The quicker phone picker-upper? Or the dial 9 of 10 numbers and hang up? Here’s a guide to prepping for your call to our Psychics – whether it’s your first call or your 90th.

1. Call. Just call. It’s okay. We know. We know you’re not sure, we know you’re too sure. We get it. Call.

2. Be skeptical! Hey, it’s your money, and we work for you. We know how it works – we have to get at least the first couple of things right out the door, or that phone is gonna click us away.

3. Which means...nothing. Just like with your family doctor, your mental health therapist, or your partner, this is all about relationships. Even if we’re completely “on” about you, if you don’t feel like this is a relationship that’s going to work for you, find someone else!

4. Do a little research first! You don’t just randomly dial up doctors and make appointments, right? You check Yelp or Google or friends or somebody! So at least read the bios on the site before you dial. Some psychics list themselves as empaths, which means they can’t tell you where your lost cell phone is – but they can tell you how you feel about losing your cell...which isn’t gonna help now, is it. For a broken leg you call an ortho doc. For a broken heart, try and pick a psychic that deals with such things first.

5. Use the heck out of the deals. Dipping your toe in the psychic reading is like only showing your doctor just a fingertip...when you know your arm is broken. So signing up for just five minutes to see if you like it isn’t going to help you accomplish your goal – get a good reading that helps you. Invest in yourself and find the relationship that works for you.

6. And remember – there’s no such thing as someone who’s 100% psychic. Hey, if there were they’d probably be locked in some government lab getting asked for national secrets every day. Psychics need to connect with you, and you with them.

So give us a call today!

Author's Photo by Stephen x8696

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