5 Tips to Receive the Best Possible Psychic Reading by Psychic Adele

Published Date 1/17/2019
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Keeping an open mind helps when it comes to psychic readings.

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How does one receive a good psychic reading? Nowadays it can be hard to know how to get a genuine psychic reading, given the horror stories you may have heard from victims of opportunistic individuals whose vulnerabilities were exploited. Before you get into a psychic reading, you need to consider a few things.

First, the relationship between a psychic advisor and client is a sacred one. It is like any relationship in that mutual trust, vulnerability and understanding must exist for it to work smoothly. The best way to do this is to leave any agendas outside the front door.

As I said before, there are psychics who tune into the client's problems, but have the intention of making money rather than helping the person. That is certainly a wrong attitude and not what you will find here at Psychic Source. 

On the other hand, there are clients who I met who ask questions that have false answers to test if the reader's gifts are real. That, too, is a wrong attitude, one that leads to bad answers.  If the psychic or the client feel distrust and vindictiveness during a session, they will get a muddied reading with wrong information. This would be a waste of time and money for both parties. Don’t forget, every psychic that works for Psychic Source is screened and tested well in advance, and only the best make the cut! It’s why they’ve been around for 30 years and stand behind their readings with their no-risk Satisfaction Guarantee!

You must remember that in every reading, a psychic is a mirror of the client's energy. Conversely, a client can also mirror a psychic's state of being at the time of the reading. Since everything is essentially energy, your thoughts and feelings will create the reality you expect. So, in the case of psychic readings, your expectations of the other will manifest during your session.

If you want to have a good psychic reading, consider these five ideas:

1. Keep an open mind.
As I said earlier, having an agenda other than finding out the truth will only weaken the spiritual connection you are trying to make with your reader. It would be simplest to ask your questions and listen to what comes up during the reading.

2. Suspend judgment. When you enter into a reading, watch for signs of judgments you make towards yourself and your reader. Do you find yourself being critical of the questions you want to ask? Are you skeptical about your psychic's abilities? If these thoughts come up, notice them and let go.

3. Listen to your feelings.
Your heart has a wisdom of its own and you must learn to differentiate your feelings from your mind. The mind's function is to help you survive the world. However, during psychic readings, the mind can get in the way of discovering truths that you know in your heart. As much as possible, quiet your thought chatter and give your intuition a chance to speak to you.

4. Do not give your power away.
The purpose of a psychic reading is to find truth. It is best done when a mutual exchange of energy happens between the psychic and the client. However, this delicate balance is disrupted when the client gives blind, unquestioning trust in the psychic's predictions. Trust is necessary, but it also has to be balanced with your heart wisdom to know if you have arrived at the answers you are seeking, or if you need to dig deeper to get to them.

5. Practice mutual respect.
Like any human relationship, good psychic sessions are built on the foundations of sincerity, honesty and mutual respect. If you don't feel ready to give this during a reading, then your psychic would reflect that during your session, because often times unconsciously your psychic will collude with you to reflect the doubts and fears about being taken advantage of during your psychic reading.

In the end, no matter how talented the psychic, their abilities are meant to complement and enhance your energy. If you come to a psychic reading with the right attitude, you will most often receive the information that resonates with your heart's wisdom.

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