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Published Date 12/20/2013
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If you think you're psychic, you just might be!

Have you ever thought you have psychic abilities? Many people do and just don't know how to use them. If you're curious about the signs, take a look at if you have any of the following five. It's not a comprehensive list, but the most common signs you might be a psychic are listed.

You Have Vivid Dreams Regularly
Dreams are the way that your subconscious mind sorts through information. If you have vivid dreams on a regular basis and you're able to remember the details, this is a sign you might be psychic. This is especially true if you're having dreams about other people and the issues they are facing. You can tap into this psychic power by reading about the meaning of different types of dreams and learning how to focus your mind on certain circumstances before you dream.

You Constantly Have that "Déjà vu" Feeling
Déjà vu is that feeling you get when you experience something and think that you have already experienced it. This happens to most people at some point in their life, but if it happens to you frequently, then it's a sign you are psychic. Unfortunately, this is one of the harder psychic traits to harness and refine. Déjà vu catches you off guard every time. If you have frequent Déjà vu, try to write down when it happens and look for patterns so you can learn how to effectively use this ability and predict when it will happen.

You're Sensitive to Sounds and Signals 
Some people who have passed away remain on the Earth — for any number of reasons. These deceased beings sometimes try to contact the living, although it is very difficult to do unless you are in tune to their movements. If you are very sensitive to sounds and signals, you may have a clairvoyant psychic ability. If you have this ability, it is common to sense there are extra thoughts in a room or feel the presence of others without seeing them.

You Know Things Before they Happen
One of the biggest signs that you are psychic is predicting things will happen before they do. This can be something as simple as the door bell ringing or something more serious such as predicting a car crash. This psychic ability is generally manifest through a gut feeling. It's more than natural intuition, it's predicting the future.

You Can Communicate with People Using Only Your Mind
Do you have an easy time reading other's minds? If you do, this is one sign that you might be psychic. With enough practice, you may be able to telepathically communicate with certain individuals. Mind reading and communication is one of the rarer forms of psychic abilities. However, you know pretty early on whether you possess it or not.

These are just a few of the signs that you have psychic abilities. Once you realize which type of ability you possess, you can start looking for patterns so you can use it more effectively. Most online psychics have practiced for years before they are able to help others with their abilities.

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