5 Items Used by Psychics to Help Them Divine

Published Date 1/17/2015
Category: Psychic Topics

Tarot cards can help psychics answer questions during readings.

While some psychics prefer to give readings without any aids, others find objects useful for their readings. Some items present a picture for the psychic to decipher, while others may help to answer specific questions. The type of object depends on the psychic, but these five items are some of the more popular divining tools in the psychic community.


Pendulums may be handmade or purchased items that consist of a heavy object, such as a stone connected to a string or a chain. Pendulums work by providing an answer to a yes or no question determined by the way the pendulum swings. Every person is different, and with any pendulum, it’s important to establish what means "yes" or what means "no." Some people find it helpful to ask the pendulum to show him or her yes versus no. Others may believe that swinging side-to-side means “no”, while a circular swing is a “yes” response. Some people also use pendulum charts for more complicated answers.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are one of the most traditional objects associated with psychics. Many people like to incorporate crystal balls because they can provide the clearest picture into the future. Sometimes, though, crystal balls can display images that are hard to describe or may be unclear. While many psychics use a crystal ball to help see in the future, some also just use it to clear their minds before giving a reading.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are another popular device for psychics and can help to give more detailed answers and predictions than a pendulum can. Tarot cards are similar to a deck of playing cards, but with detailed illustrations that can tell a story or provide insight into future events. Most psychics tend to use the same deck consistently, because tarot card decks can vary. To give a tarot reading, a psychic will deal the cards and interpret the meaning of the cards, which can aid in answering questions or help to predict the future.

Tea Leaves

Psychics may choose to use tea leaves to help read messages and foresee future events. Many people believe a person’s energy aids in swirling the tea leaves, much like energy of the moon moves the tides, in a particular formation helping the psychic to decipher the meaning of the leaves. Ground coffee beans and wine sediment is sometimes used in place of tea leaves for readings. 

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards include letters and numbers that a psychic may choose to use to deliver a message during a séance. The psychic and other participants lightly place their hands on a pointer, and intense energy moves the pointer to spell a message. Most psychics are cautious when using a ouija board, however, as it is possible to receive negative energy from unpleasant sources.

The power of a psychic comes from their abilities and talents, not from using tea leaves or tarot cards. Some psychics, however, use these as an aid to present clearer pictures when they give psychic readings


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