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Published Date 7/19/2013
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What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Dreams can waken emotions in us as real and powerful as real experiences. Dreams often have meanings that we can interpret. Sometimes, just knowing what your dreams mean gives you the power to make meaningful changes in your life. 

1. Dreams of Flying
Dreams of flying are one of the most common, and it's not unusual for a person to have recurring flying dreams from childhood through adulthood. Fortunately, flying dreams are some of the easiest to interpret, because they all mean a feeling of freedom after a period of restriction. Sometimes it's an indication of a wish for freedom, but it often means you're internally liberating yourself from a restrictive force in your life, such as letting go of a painful childhood.

2. Dreams of Abandonment
Abandonment dreams are particularly scary, especially if you're truly dependent on the person you dream is abandoning you. However, these dreams often have nothing to do with that particular person, but everything to do with yourself. Abandonment dreams often indicate it's time to leave your past behind you and move toward a new, more liberated future. Sometimes abandonment dreams indicate a deep fear of being deserted or betrayed by the person. These dreams can be set in motion by a recent loss or fear of losing someone dear. This can come about when a loved one is seriously ill. Those healing from a difficult childhood also experience abandonment dreams.

3. Dreams About Your Boss
Dreaming about your boss is often a sign that you're getting in touch with your own authoritative side. It's an indication of self-confidence and assertiveness. However, if you have a bad relationship with your boss, these dreams might highlight your fear of authority and the uneasy feeling of someone else controlling your life. Workaholics often have these dreams, meaning work has taken over too large a portion of their lives. An online dream interpretation can give you even more insight into why you might be having these dreams.

4. Dreams About Spiders
Spiders are also common in dreams, and there are a number of meanings according to what happens in the dream. Spiders can indicate a dominant female in your life, or a feeling of being trapped. People with overbearing mothers often dream of spiders. If you kill the spider in your dream, it's an indication of bad luck. If the spider spins a web, it's a sign of upcoming reward for your hard work. If the spider climbs a wall, it means your desires will be realized soon. If the spider's web has eggs in it, it means you're not acknowledging your own potential. Getting bitten by the spider means you're involved in a conflict with a woman. Eating the spider means you've exerted control over a situation.

5. Dreams About Pregnancy
Even men dream of becoming pregnant. Men usually dream this when they question their own creativity. Women usually dream this when they're in the process of self-development. If you're trying to get pregnant in real life, this dream is a form of wish-fulfillment. Sometimes, these dreams indicate a fear of responsibility.

If you're unsure what your dreams are trying to tell you, consider consulting an online psychic or counselor who can help you work through issues behind these dreams.

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