3 Ways To Create A Sexy Halloween Costume

Published Date 10/29/2013
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3 Ways To Create A Sexy Halloween Costume

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, you're likely going to be invited to a costume party or two - what kind of impression do you want to make? Your costume is critical to making sure that you turn heads at your upcoming events. If you're single and want to play it sexy, here are some tips for creating a classy yet intriguing outfit.

1. Know Your Audience

Contacting our psychic line beforehand can give you an idea of who will be at the parties you're going to attend. With information from our phone psychics, you'll know just how far you can push the limit when you're designing your costume for the big night.

2. Play It Safe

This means staying away from body paint - or an entire costume composed of paint - no matter how much skin you want to show. One small accident and slip of a drink can cause a disaster, according to Cosmopolitan magazine.

3. Come Up With Your Own Idea

Jada Michaels, a contemporary clothing designer, recommended looking to fashion trends for inspiration. From there, use your ideas to create a fresh concept and develop a unique costume.


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