3 Secrets for Satisfying Your Cat

Published Date 5/4/2013
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Three secret tips for satisfying your cat

How many times have you found yourself wishing you understood more about your cat? If you've had a feline friend around the house for a few years but you feel like you aren't satisfying her, there are a few ways you can greatly improve your cat's quality of life.

1. Provide plenty of toys
Cats can quickly become restless, especially if they're kept indoors often. Make sure your pet has plenty of toys to stay occupied.

2. Acknowledge your cat's noises
Hissing and growling can be indicators that your cat wants some space, according to the Humane Society. Taking a clue and backing off for a bit can help her feel more comfortable.

3. Try canned food
ABC News states that research has shown that cats have an overall preference toward canned food as opposed to kibble. This option is also less likely to cause dental problems in the future and make sure your cat stays hydrated - canned food tends to have more water.

Psychics who specialize in animal readings can give you more insight into understanding your cat. Tarot readings can also let you know how changes you make for your cat will influence your relationship later down the line.


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