3 Quick Facts on I Ching Readings by Psychic Santos

Published Date 12/28/2013
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An I Ching Dragon

Have you ever received an I Ching reading? 

I love giving readings and using my gifts, but I like to try something different sometimes, as opposed to tarot, oracle and clairvoyant readings. I decided to switch up the tool for some, so I’m revealing that I also work with I Ching.

What is I Ching?
I Ching is an old divination system used to interpret the hexagram made up by tossing the coins. It provides great, clear advice on how to get what you want.

Does I Ching take long?
It doesn’t take long, but be patient because six hexagrams need to be made up in order to receive a response. Once this is done, it can give you excellent insight and improve any situation.

Is I Ching better than tarot?
Neither is better, they’re both just different. Tarot is mostly based around yourself and your personal questions. When you consult the I Ching, you gain insight to many of life’s pressing questions. I Ching is broader, providing philosophical answers that you can apply to your personal life. Tarot is more direct. 
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