3 Questions That Can Take Your Psychic Reading to the Next Level by Psychic Cerri

Published Date 9/12/2018
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Are you asking your psychic advisor the right questions?

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Sometimes when people have a psychic reading, they expect the psychic to spill forth all of the important information they will need to solve their biggest problems right here and now. 

Of course, that absolutely can happen as the psychic tunes in to your energy and picks up on the key issues you are facing. They may recognize long-standing patterns, sticky situations and challenges, and they may even have some great predictions for what you can expect in the near future.

However, rather than simply waiting to see what comes up in a reading, you can also take a more proactive role by asking your psychic reader some thoughtful questions. You might think those questions are things like, "Will I get this job?" Or, "Will I meet Mr. or Ms. Right anytime soon?" There is nothing wrong with questions like these, because they can definitely reveal some interesting answers.

During my readings, I like to ask questions that are even more detailed so I can get a better picture of challenges that otherwise may not have shown up because I was focusing on the broad picture rather than the finer details.

Here are just three examples of questions that I like to ask when I'm doing readings, and that you may also want to ask during your next reading:

1) Are there any hidden influences affecting this situation?
When I ask this question, I often pick up on key people, destructive habits, or other external factors that could be having an effect on the situation at hand. Sometimes that might be an unsupportive partner, a person with ulterior motives, or even an issue of poor timing. Asking this question can reveal some powerful insights that will prepare you to better overcome any obstacles that were not initially obvious.

2) Do I have any limiting beliefs that are keeping me stuck?
You may already know that beliefs are powerful, but since they are usually hidden away in the subconscious mind, you may not even realize it when one or more of your beliefs is holding you back. Asking this question can reveal some enlightening insights about yourself and give you the conscious awareness you need to change and improve beliefs about yourself along with your potential for success, healthier relationships, and more.

3) What is the biggest change I need to make right now?
I am often surprised by the varied answers I receive when I ask this question. Sometimes I'll see opportunities for a person to greatly speed up their progress. Sometimes I become aware of limiting thoughts or habits that are blocking the desired outcome. Sometimes I even get the clear message to simply let go and let the universe do its job! 

Regardless, asking questions like these will give you the power and awareness to start moving in the right direction, whatever your specific goals may be at the time. No more will you feel as if you are simply being tossed about on the waves of life changes. You can begin moving more deliberately in a better direction and feel as if you have more control over the things that happen to you day to day.

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