3-Minute Psychic Readings - Are They Possible? by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 11/5/2018
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An effective psychic reading shouldn't be rushed.

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Sometimes we want answers to questions that create anxiety in us, so we reach out to anyone who would listen. The truth is we get embarrassed in sharing with friends because we know that our friends might be too critical or annoyed by our constant conversations about love problems. We get into a loop, and we want answers but have no idea where to go, so, we reach out for a psychic to help us sort things out.

Getting a psychic to help during a time of crisis is a great idea. The trouble is many often do not know what it takes to do a reading and believe that psychics should be able to answer all questions immediately. It takes more than just getting your name for a psychic to connect with your energy and then decipher what they gather. Keep in mind; humans are not like television sets, where you can assess them with one turn of the channel. Psychic readings are more than just connecting. 

Psychics Aren’t Mind Readers
Every psychic does need time to connect and sort through your web of emotional energy to determine what is vital information and what is just random. For starters, psychics do not read minds. We decipher the energy that surrounds you and the people you are asking about. It is natural to get confusing information because a psychic collects data from your own energy and if you are facing a confusing period, the energy that surrounds you is going to reflect the chaos you are facing. 

If you want concrete answers to a question, you need to connect with a psychic for more than three minutes. You need to allow a psychic to sort through your tense energy and select the messages that are useful and will provide the clarity you seek. 

Questions, Questions, Questions
Now, if you have a closed-ended question that only requires a yes or no answer, then a psychic reading can take less than three minutes. But if you have an open-ended question that involves more than just a yes or a no, then you really do need more than three minutes. In all fairness, you need the time to let the psychic connect with you and sort through all your anxious energy. Of course, sometimes having a reading that is well beyond three minutes can get expensive, I get it, so I suggest you ask detailed questions and write down the answers even if it does not make sense.  

In general, I strongly suggest readings that are at least 10 minutes in duration, but I understand that sometimes three minutes is all we can afford. In the event you are on a tight budget, remember to write your questions down in advance, it will save time. Also, if possible select a phone call or video reading rather than a chat since not all psychics are fast at typing.  We are also not here to string you along and keep you on the line longer than necessary. We will always do our best to give you the guidance and information you seek quickly, just be patient and understanding for your best possible psychic reading experience.


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