3 Common Signs Of A Haunting

Published Date 10/31/2018
Category: Psychic Topics

3 Common Signs Of A Haunting

You might think of Halloween when haunted houses come to mind, but some people live in these types of places all year long! Whether our phone psychics have hinted that your house is haunted or you simply get the creeps frequently, here are some signs that your place may be occupied by something otherworldly.

1. You Smell Strange Scents

As Paranormal News Central reported, some people claim that strange odors can hint at a ghostly presence in a specific location. An unusual perfume or smell of flowers may unexpectedly flow through the air.

2. You've Conducted Logical Testing

An energy audit may be able to give you a rational explanation for cold breezes in your home, according to Mother Nature Network. However, you might want to consider a paranormal reason when these types of logical tests fail to give you answers.

3. A Reading Has Indicated An Unusual Presence

While contacting our psychic line, you may have spoken to a gifted individual who has given you information pertaining to a potential ghostly entity in your home. Psychics can help you tap into what may be waiting on the other side, verifying the goosebumps you've felt around the house.


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