22, The Master Builder Number, and the 2020s by Psychic Rowan

Published Date 6/7/2020
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The number 22 carries a lot of creative energy with it.

The number 22 carries a lot of creative energy with it.

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This year marks the first of the 2020 decade, and its energy represents a master number, 22. The number 22 is a master number for several reasons. Before we discuss the meaning of the 22, let us look at the ways we can see 22 in our lives. 

The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters; the Major Arcana of the Tarot are 22 in number; there are 22 bones in the human skull, and on and on. The number 22 incorporates both an 11 (11 x 2 = 22) and a 4 (2 + 2 = 4).  The number 11 represents a relationship on a higher level, rule breaking and iconoclasm. The 4 focuses on the power of foundation, building, formation of plans, solid construction and a theme of creation that resounds throughout nature and our everyday lives. 

Building Our Dreams

The Master Builder vibration of 22, is the number of one who builds first in the mind. The famous Nikola Tesla was well known for having first constructed whole projects in the mind before ever putting it into physical motion. So, it is with our dreams. To build our dreams while we’re awake, we must tap into the creative field; it is all around us, in the cycles of nature, the cycles of our bodies and the cycles of the cosmos. 

The energy of creation can fuel our dreams in this way, if we look around us and realize that everything we lay eyes on came from the imagination first. Our inner magi, i-magi-nation, can be employed and through the mind’s eye we can create literally anything we can imagine with clarity and focus. The imagination is where it all begins. The number 22 gives us a rare turbo boost toward the future where we have an abundance of energy available to us to get the job done. 

Maintain Focus

Therefore, in 2020 we can expect to ride the wave of magnificent manifestation energy through the entire decade of the 2020’s, with one very important caveat… we must maintain focus throughout.  If we lose focus, fail to pay attention to detail or ignore the signposts, with all the above-mentioned abundant energy available to us, we can manifest the opposite which will present itself as a literal nightmare this year.

As we’ve already seen so far, 2020 will be full of challenges but also rich in opportunity and this carries through to the entire decade.  Let us all make the rest of 2020 a year we remember as having laid the foundation of the Master Builder, to construct our dreams out of the fabric of our imagination. If we do this while also remembering to give to those less fortunate, we have a beautiful formula for success and abundance. It is a year to move forward and shed those things that no longer serve our greater good, that we may resolutely step into this decade with the focus and stamina we need to power through. 


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