2023 Zodiac Lucky Numbers, Numerology Predictions, and Angel Numbers

Date 1/18/2023
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Year 2023

In numerology, every number (and letter) has its own vibration and unique encoded information. The expert using this is able to interpret the past, present, and future. Every calendar year carries a unique energy associated with the general outcome to be expected as a result of the number associated with the current year.

Psychic Source has called upon two of our expert prognosticators, Suzi and Venus, to share their insights into what 2023 will bring - by the numbers! Drawing upon esoteric disciplines of astrology, numerology, angelic channeling, and psychic gifts, they'll help you to discover your 2023 lucky number and personal year number, and unlock the codes to reveal the 2023 angel numbers and numerology predictions. 

Personal Year 7

The Universal Year 2023 is 7

As we cross into 2023, we welcome a Universal year full of new experiences that will activate the planet and all its residents. The Universal Year for 2023 is 7. To calculate that, you simply add the digits 2+0+2+3, and you get 7. 

"Seven is a sacred number" explains Psychic Venus. "It represents perfection and completeness, both physical and spiritual, with occult and cultural connotations. For example, There are seven: days in a week, colors of the rainbow, layers of the skin, continents, vertebrae in the neck, musical notes, and wonders of the world."  

She continues, "In the universal year seven, you seek introspection, solitude, and inner search. Anything that is overanalyzed may delay decisions. It is a time for the mystical, intuition, and receptivity. Globally, regardless of challenges and uncertainties, a serious interest in science and spirituality promises international cooperation and an improvement in socio-political-economic conditions."

Psychic Suzi concurs. "The universal number 7 year will be a time of many adjustments giving all of us a collective opportunity to come to terms with global changes, turning challenges into windows of adjustment and improvement for the betterment of all" she predicts.  "However, this will not happen overnight. It will take time, compassion, patience, and courage to gain new understanding, insight, and personal wisdom to produce positive outcomes."

The most active areas of growth for our planet and its people fall under the categories of education, healing/medical, international relationships, and legal organizations or matters. 2023 can be a year of healing from the inside out as people learn to listen to their hearts for a better tomorrow. This is often thought of as the year of the shaman as a mystical energy lives here opening inner eyes to better vision and truths.

According to Suzi, the number 7 rules Libra, the 7th sign of the Zodiac, which grants this sign extra help from the angels this year. The other fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini can expect extra stardust of growth and excitement coming their way in 2023 as well. 

Year 2023

2023 Lucky Numbers by Zodiac Sign

"Each year we cross into a new universal year that activates a lucky number for each astrological Zodiac sign," explains Psychic Suzi, who has published extensively on lucky numbers. "This powerful vibration spreads its magic over the entire year from January through December. It brings surprising elements of chance and changes invigorating your life."  

Read on as Suzi shares 2023 predictions for the number which will resonate most strongly for each zodiac sign. If you're new to astrology, look up your sun sign to discover your 2023 lucky number.

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries - Lucky Number 2

This year is more about maintaining what you have gained rather than leaping forward at an intense pace. You get to try out being a team player to encourage others and know that patience wins the day. Romance could be in the air and comes to you in a most surprising way. The first 4 months of the year sparkle with chance meetings and it is here that one special person could pop out when you are not watching. As summer comes into view you may find money matters are front and center. It points to increases in the form that either a raise or promotion could come up. This will not happen overnight, but you will be happy where you end up. Women in general can be helpful in sharing insights that could clear up concerns or misunderstandings. You could be a bit more sensitive this year so be kind to your body, mind, and spirit as you travel your life path this year.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus - Lucky Number 3

This year brings a sense of fun and social energy that is all around you. 2023 is a wonderful year to network and get the word out about who you are and what you do as the public will both hear and see you. The number 3 is known for bringing lucky breaks to people. Thinking of buying a new car? Go for it. It is a momentous year for quick but fun trips that can be tied to family. If you work in a creative field, get ready for lots of inspiration and good timing. The number 3 also rules the media and tech world so it can be your best friend in self-promotion or marketing others. The downside is you need to watch your personal energy as this vibration tends to be a bit scattered. Seek balance when possible and do not overlook a little TLC for your body such as a massage. The pace will pick up for you once May arrives, so as they say in the movies, “The Force will be with you.”

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini - Lucky Number 4

This year is really more about work for you than being a social butterfly. You will be given the chance to either rebuild or start a new foundation for your career. Life is often so full of many choices you have a tough time getting settled on the best one. The work this year might make you feel at times a bit boxed in but that is really not true. The results will be so worth the time you invest in getting to your dreams. There needs to be a balance between family and work that may leave you feeling like a circus juggler, but you can do it. Use your natural gifts of flexibility to ride out the difficulties. It is important that you know you are appreciated no matter what comes your way.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer - Lucky Number 5

This cycle is often called “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” of a year in that your life could do a 180-degree turn for the better. Yes, there could be sudden changes, but they are simply there to release you from the old stuff that no longer has value in your life. This is an exciting time when unexpected events seem to arrive unexpectedly but bring positive changes, almost like releasing a butterfly out of the cocoon. We often call 5 the movie star number because it is loaded with industrial strength stardust so you could be noticed or honored in your life. Take some risks - go on a trip and watch out for chance meetings. Cancer likes safe and secure, but if you can just trust your angels, they are there beside you no matter what. It will be easier to release and let go. Love, at first sight, is possible in the summer months. 2023 is a year to let freedom bloom in your life - it is all good.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo - Lucky Number 6

2023 is a special year where you are protected and taken care of sometimes in hidden ways. You can trust your angels and guides who are nearby. Home and family will be front and center as you may lend a helping hand to an older person. A new kind of security could enter your life allowing you to reconsider some dreams that you have had on hold. It will all really come down to better timing in the end. This spring, if single, you could find a new romance looking you in the face. Watch out for sparking eyes that make you feel as if you have met before and just maybe you have, in another life. If you would like to consider having another child, 2023 could welcome a new bundle of joy. If you have any extra free time, community service will bring a sense of fulfillment to your spirit.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo- Lucky Number 7

2023 is a mystical year for you. The inner world will be calling you through meditation, dreams, hunches, and the uncanny signs that are everywhere. Education could be an area for you to look into. Either just for a brush-up or to look into a degree to add frosting to your already detailed skills. Over this cycle, you could find that life could slow down a bit and things in general take a bit longer. Do not let that bother you as life sometimes has its own clock we can’t see or even understand, but it is all in our best interest. Take any downtime to research, rethink, or even redo any area of your life that needs dusting and cleaning. In the romance area you could find yourself drawn to someone who is irresistible and compelling but over time could end up being more work than it is worth so pace yourself with matters of the heart.

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra - Lucky Number 8

Libra - this year is your year as you are the 7th sign of the Zodiac in a number 7 year. There is more power here and it all seems to be about money. This could include a raise, promotion, or possible windfall. Thinking of starting your own business? A lucky partnership could form to make it a success. Big money is on the move, and this points to the chance to buy or sell a home. There could be more balance in your life in your financial world allowing you to pay off some long-standing bills and replenish your savings. Careerwise, important people are watching you and are liking what they see. Around April, an unexpected attraction could happen. They say opposites attract, but that may turn out to not be so when you discover you may have more in common than first appeared.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio - Lucky Number 9

This is the year to clean out your life from the attic to the basement. You know what needs to be done as the old stuff is holding you back. Get rid of clutter, toxic people, or go nowhere relationships. Around May 2023, support is offered to help guide you forward to better lasting results with your work. Any unfinished projects get a leg up to get stuff finished. You could be honored for a job well done. Remember whatever or whoever is removed from your life will be replaced by someone or something more suitable with your current vibrations as you grow through life. Your personal life looks ready to bloom over the summer months. A kindred spirit will smile at you, and you will know this is special.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius - Lucky Number 11

This year brings the “Golden Pillars” to you. They are an especially important gateway to a new beginning in your life. A “let’s get started” energy flows allowing you to be a trailblazer. Trust your intuition as men could be immensely helpful in professional guidance. You may find yourself at a crossroads where there are two choices. Take your time to review all the details and then go with your heart. The angels know you better than you do and are beside you as you walk through these golden pillars for such a major fresh start in your life. Travel could prove to be rewarding in 2023 and it looks like you cross a body of water to get there. Other cultures will draw you in and you may be surprised how all this could change your outlook on your life.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn - Lucky Number 13

You are not a gambler by nature, but you may discover odd lucky breaks in both your career and financial world. You will be building for long-term security, but you are learning to not be so serious all the time. This cycle helps you release some of the heaviness you carry. You will learn to laugh at the small stuff helping chase it away. Let that profound sense of humor support you and charm others as you may attract someone at a social gathering this summer that could rock your world. It is OK. Do not panic. Love does seem to come to us when we least expect it. Balance work and play for a good year.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius - Lucky Number 33

As you look around this year for a better direction in your life stop and listen to your heart get out of your head for a moment. Are you going to be a dragon slayer or build bridges in the lives you touch? This is a deeply spiritual year to look beyond the world of tech and enjoy a sunset or the sound of rain. You are at the gateway of a new spiritual journey to make a difference to touch lives as compassion, kindness, and fair play all walk beside you. This year you could redesign or invent something, however small, it has promise. A best friend could suddenly become a lover and you will wonder how you did not see this before. As you move forward, all you have to do is believe and the universe will take care of the rest.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces - Lucky Number 1

2023 is all about you striking out on a new path. Pisces loves to help others, but in this cycle, you need to put your love and energy into YOU. Are you in a go-nowhere relationship, job, or unhappy living space? Be brave as an important new beginning is in the air. Men could be helpful with information and support. “Let’s get going” positive energy will support you. By May, the pieces begin to fall into place and you will know you’re headed in the right direction and that someone has your back. Most important be true to yourself. Keep boundaries in place and don’t let others steal your precious energies as anything is possible this year. Good luck!

Year 2023

2023 Numerology Forecast by Personal Year

Your personal year number (PYN) gives you guidance and insights into how the calendar year will unfold. You find your PYN by adding the month, day, and current year and come up with a number between one and nine. An exception to that is that there are two master numbers,11 and 22, which cannot be simplified.

For example, if you were born May 23 (and because this is the year 2023) you will add 5+2+3+2+0+2+3=18. Reduce 18 to a single digit: 1+8= 9. So, for anyone born on May 23, this year your PYN is 9.

Let’s join Psychic Venus in taking a look at each Personal Year for 2023 to see what you can expect in the year ahead!

Personal Year Number 1

Personal Year Number - 1

This is an exciting year for you, for anything new: meeting new friends, associates, job, or career. Be yourself!

Love and Romance - If you are in a relationship, it is time for thinking more about your own emotional needs, rather than compromising your partner's needs. If single, someone from the past may show up, but do not rush it.

Career and Finances - This is a year for changes, aka a new beginning. You will see work differently, even if you stay where you are. Financially, you will be willing to take some risks to reach your goals.

Personal Year Number 2

Personal Year Number - 2

It is time to close old cycles and start new ones. Avoid routines. Trust yourself. Take a break when you need one.

Love and Romance - It is time to continue building the connection in long-term relationships, especially in communicating, so long as you stick to a 50/50 agreement. Focus more on your partner, and your family, and nurture yourself. Romantic choices for singles - give yourself enough time to select your best match.

Career and Finances - You will be able to develop business associations, and partnerships, and make major decisions. Be cautious about investments and expenditures.

Personal Year Number 3

Personal Year Number – 3

It is time for transformation, creativity, and fulfillment. Avoid resistance to changes and welcome the new.

Love and Romance - If single, be ready for multiple potential partners. It is not the time for commitment. Select someone special. Bring renewal, humor, and fun into your marriage. Just let yourself be!

Career and Finances - You will be able to manage and overcome unexpected events in your career, if any. Financially you will keep moving forward and benefit from previous good decisions.

Personal Year Number 4

Personal Year Number – 4

It is time for solidity in all aspects of your life, including being organized, disciplined, and focusing on the present.

Love and Romance - Be upfront with what you want, or do not want. That will help clarify misunderstandings or issues with your partner. This year leans more towards career and work than romance.

Career and Finances - Focus on your work, projects, and planning. You will be compensated. Expect financial growth.

Personal Year Number 5

Personal Year Number – 5

You will be rewarded for previous efforts, especially personal and sentimental. Renew yourself. Get ready for excitement.

Love and Romance - Established couples need to respect boundaries. You will need more space. Multiple choices will surprise singles. It is not time to settle down.

Career and Finances - Business proposals, job opportunities, and new offers will come up. Do not make abrupt career and financial decisions. Trust yourself.

Personal Year Number 6

Personal Year Number – 6

Focus on family, home, and related responsibilities. Healing emotional wounds, releasing repressed emotions, and letting go will strengthen connections with loved ones. It is a time for action.

Love and Romance - Partners in romantic relationships will feel closer. Those confronting separation will be more prone to reconsider and forgive. Singles may find long-term commitment or the ideal match.

Career and Finances - People, events, and circumstances will back you up. You may be offered more responsibilities. Financially, there is nothing unexpected that you cannot overcome.

Personal Year Number 7

Personal Year Number – 7

It is time for deep reflection which will trigger emotional changes. Acknowledge the value and place of romantic relationships, friendships, and yourself. Focus on inner work.

Love and Romance - Express your feelings and emotions in any relationship, committed or not. You will reach a better mutual understanding, despite uncertainties. It is time for transformation!

Career and Finances - Be cautious and calm. Avoid multitasking. Complete your projects and concentrate on what needs to be done. Work will be more intense, but the rewards will be worth it.

Personal Year Number 8

Personal Year Number – 8

It is a time for prosperity and abundance proportional to the energy invested in previous years. It is time to reap what you sow. You will be incredibly determined to accomplish your objectives. Do not overstep boundaries. Respect others’ opinions, especially when they disagree with you.

Love and Romance - You will make clear choices of who you want next to you. Be tactful when making final decisions. For singles, proceed instead of waiting for the other, but without demanding.

Career and Finances - It is time for more responsibilities, but also more benefits. Refrain from taking risks. That will guarantee success. Balance work and recreational time. Renew yourself. Trust your skills to manage your finances.

Personal Year Number 9

Personal Year Number – 9

It is time for completion. Do not resist changes beneficial to you. Protect your financial status. Avoid excesses. Use your resources wisely. Fulfill your obligations.

Love and Romance - If in a relationship, challenges will come up which will lead to making necessary decisions for the best. New romantic interests are there for singles if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Career and Finances - It is time for finalizing pending projects, but not for starting new ones. Keep your spending under control.

Personal Year Number 11

Personal Year Number - 11

Intuition and a desire for perfection will be prominent. It is a time for setting your intentions and following through with your goals.

Love and Romance - It is time for formalizing relationships. Stability will prevail. If in a relationship, focus on solving differences and learning to set healthy boundaries.

Career and Finances - New opportunities will come up this year, even if they take time to manifest. Make conscious choices regarding investments. Do not hesitate to change plans when necessary.

Personal Year Number 22

Personal Year Number – 22

This year, focusing on discernment will help you overcome any challenges. A feeling of alignment within yourself will enhance your sensation of continuous well-being and accomplishment.

Love and Romance - Open communication and trust are the keys to this cycle. If single, avoid casual relationships. Seek long-term foundation and emotional intimacy.

Career and Finances - Expect positive changes. All business and work-related activities will take off easily. Financial gain throughout the year. Be selective with your priorities for the best outcome.

Year 2023

2023 Angel Numbers

"Angel Numbers are numbers that you inexplicably continue to encounter in your daily life," explains Venus. "Maybe you encounter 11 or 44 in all sorts of situations. Whenever that happens, it means that the universe is somehow trying to reach out to you by trying to make you aware of something that you should be paying attention to. Understanding the numerical meaning of angel numbers helps us receive angelical guidance, as we discover them in our everyday surroundings."

Angel number 2023 includes the significance of the numbers that make it up. It represents an influx of blissful energies coming from a higher source in your life. It will uplift you and inspire you to reach your highest potential.

Angel number 2 has several meanings. The main one is associated with creativity, trust, and love. It represents your soul’s purpose. The angels are actively working with you to achieve your goals.

Angel number 20 means divine protection, plus answers to your prayers. It represents your continuous connection to the spiritual world. You are not alone.

Angel number 202 is a call to focus on your faith in the universal energy, which manifests miracles and reconfirms the angels' invisible help.

Angel number 3 is about abundance, peace, love, and inspiration to trust in your talents.

We hope you've enjoyed this peek into 2023 numerology predictions and angel numbers, along with your own lucky number and personal year number. To dive more deeply into the power of angels, zodiac predictions, or the correlations between numerology and astrology, don't hesitate to reach out to Psychic Suzi and Psychic Venus or any one of our numerology and astrology experts at Psychic Source.


About the Authors

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Suzi is a gifted psychic who has been using her generational gifts for over three decades. Coming from a strong Celtic family, Suzi is a metaphysical counselor, teacher, and speaker. She has published numerous articles on astrology and numerology, which she combines with her natural intuition to offer her clients greater insight into their lives.

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Venus is a Metaphysician, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Transpersonal Psychology, expert. She has traveled and taught extensively in the East and West while receiving special training related to her field. As an intuitive reader, she has been helping and guiding multitudes of individuals from all walks of life. 


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