10 Things You Shouldn't Ask Your Tarot Reader by Psychic Isabella

Published Date 7/27/2018
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Do you know what questions NOT to ask your Tarot reader?

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I love helping people - giving them guidance to navigate through life makes me feel whole and complete, like my life has purpose. So, when I sit down to do a Tarot Reading I eagerly await the question that the client has for me. I know this is going to be an enriching experience for both of us and I can't wait to get started. Then they ask one of these dreaded questions - and I cringe. 

Want to know which questions should be taboo? Save your reader (and yourself) a lot of distress and please try to avoid questions like these 10:

1. Will I win the lottery?
The lottery is a game of chance that depends on so many more factors then just you or me. I can give you guidance as to when conditions might be most favorable for you to try but I cannot give you the winning numbers. Let's be realistic - if I had the ability to pick winning numbers wouldn't I be a millionaire, retired on a beach somewhere with a fruity drink in my hand?

2. When will I get married?
On the surface this seems like an innocent question right? But it makes some assumptions that are just not healthy. First it assumes that you are going to get married someday - but what if you don't? Chances are you are going to blame me. 

Second, it makes it seem like one day, POOF, you'll be married. If I tell you that in two years, four months and six days from now you are getting married you are going to be so focused on that date that you are going to miss out on life. Instead you should focus on questions like "what is the potential of my current relationship?" or "what roadblocks should I be on the lookout for?" Marriage isn't the be-all, end all situation; sometimes the best relationships are the ones without the pressure and constraints.

3. Eh, I don’t have a question. Whatever the cards want to tell me is fine.
For me, no question is the worst question EVER! It just screams to me that you are testing me and my skills and are determined not to believe anything I say. Chances are that isn't the case, maybe you just have no idea what to ask. But the more general your questions are the more general an answer I can give. 

There is only so much info I can provide without the context to put it into. You'll end up with a bland, generic reading that neither of us are going to be happy with. The closer you can dial into a situation to gain more insight the better and more detailed guidance I am going to be able to give you.  Help me help you!

4. Will my mother's/brother's/aunt's etc. cancer go into remission?
Please, please, please do not ask me questions about specific illnesses. I did not go to medical school and I am NOT a licensed professional in the health care field. Tarot is fluid, much like life and for me to make a judgement on such a thing is a slap in the face to the goddess. I don't presume to be a goddess, and therefore will not act as if I am. It is important that you talk to a doctor. I can, however, offer guidance on how to be the most supportive for that family member in their time of need to maximize their chances of recovery.

5. When will I die?
Really? You are paying a tarot reader by the minute and THIS is the question you want answered? By far one of the most morbid questions out there, and one that I flat out refuse to answer. Who wants to spend what is left of their time in the mortal coil by obsessing about the number of days, hours, minutes they have left? I would much rather answer a question for you like "what gifts can I focus on to make my life fulfilled?" Life is not a race to the grave, it should be a journey to be savored and enjoyed. I want to die knowing not that this moment was explicitly foretold, but that I squeezed every drop of joy out of every moment I had on this earth.

6. Am I pregnant?
Please refer to question #4 for this one. Again, I am not a medical professional and I am also not an ultrasound machine. If you think you might be pregnant head down to the local drug store and pick up a test kit, they are relatively inexpensive. Then go see your doctor. I can highlight how to make conditions optimal, or if I see any roadblocks but otherwise, I won't comment. Especially because I know how heartbreaking it can be to be pregnant and then not... because no matter how hard you wish, there are just times when the universe has other ideas.

7. Should I take this job?
This is a question I get asked a lot, along with other employment related questions. I can't tell you what the best choice is for you, I can only offer you pros and cons of taking the position. It is up to you to know and figure out if those things fit into your lifestyle or personal values. While we are on the subject, you should remove "Should I?" from your tarot reading arsenal. Everyone has free will and if I tell you that you should do something, I have then taken that will away from you.

8. Will I win this court case?
If you are facing legal action you certainly shouldn't be getting advice from me. Much like I didn't go to medical school, I also didn't go to law school. Chances are there isn't going to be a whole lot that you can do to change things, because the events have ALREADY happened, and you are now dealing with judgement. What to know what might be helpful knowledge to deal with the situation? That I can do.

9. Does XYZ hate me?
I dislike dealing with negative questions. It has this way to tainting the reading with a negative vibe. When you ask this question, you are shifting blame for the situation to another person, instead of taking some personal responsibility for it. Instead, you should be asking "what changes can I make to improve my relationships?"

10. Will my lover leave his wife?
Ok, let's be honest, this question is wrong on SOOO many levels. First, you are asking me to read for someone else, and that violates not only privacy but my own personal policies. It isn't right to read about someone else's life and choices without having the whole picture and their perspective. Second, and this is non-tarot related, but do you REALLY want to be with someone who clearly does not value the sanctity of marriage and who does not have the personal responsibility to deal with a situation that isn't working in a mature fashion? 

My mom used to say, "Once a cheater, always a cheater" and there IS truth to that statement. If they have so little regard for another person’s feelings and happiness what makes you different? If you come to a reading and tell me you are with a married man/woman I won't judge you (cause I have been there myself) but I will ask you to think about your personal value. You are better off asking the tarot about how you can find a healthy relationship.

All psychics want to help as best as we can, but there are certain subjects we can’t or shouldn’t guide you on.  Make the most of your time with a psychic advisor by asking the right questions and your reading experience will benefit greatly as result!

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EmilyJane: Not all readers on here are judgmental like this one. I'm so glad I read this before contacting her!

JacquieD: I have to agree with the other clients. The feeling I get from the guidance offered is basically "don't bother calling for any insight...very little will be provided". I disagree with all points except medical diagnosis and legal counsel, however options, limitations and possibility to promote health and/or healing can be intuited. You may have just limited your clientel based on your article. :( It doesn't make any reader sound very compassionate, supportive or non-judgemental or coming from a place of Divine Guidance. I sure wonder now if all the advisors have the same rules? Makes me feel awkward calling about anything. Obviously Psychic Source must see merit in the article or if wouldn't have been posted...I will have to look a bit closer to find it. I thank you for the opportunity you provided for me in being able to accept people the way they are, opinions and all as well as being able, open-hearted and loving while agreeing to disagree. :) That's a positive! Grateful for that! :) Namaste

Jemjem: Sorry but I always ask what the cards see for me as they always bring up things I need to pay attention too. Nothing better than that. That should never make a reader feel threatened or insecure. Red flag if it does

TR0522: Although Isabella says she won't judge a caller about their involvement with someone who is married, her comment that it's "SOOOO" wrong on so many levels kind of negates that, doesn't it? If she really had been in that situation, she wouldn't make that comment given how hard it can be. A lot of what she says does make sense, but she unfortunately comes across as very judgmental and a bit snarky.

LaVidaLisa: "I dislike dealing with negative questions. It has this way to tainting the reading with a negative vibe." And I dislike negative advisors. Scratch this one from my list.

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