Your Guide to Karmic Debt Numbers

Date 6/13/2015

Understanding karmic debt can help you overcome life's difficulties.

Understanding karmic debt can help you overcome life's difficulties.

Karmic debt numbers can lead you to a greater understanding of spiritual growth. Once you calculate your number, you can see what problems you face and how to deal with them.

What Are Karmic Debt Numbers?

As a soul or spiritual being, we incarnate many times so we can evolve toward higher awareness states. Along this path, we gather a lot of wisdom, but we also make mistakes or even abuse gifts that we receive. In order to fix our past mistakes, our soul carries burdens so we eventually can learn a lesson we've failed to understand in a previous lifetime. This is considered karmic debt, and we can decode it by understanding our karmic debt number.

How to Figure out Your Karmic Debt Number

Your karmic debt number helps you understand what your most pressing issues are. There are two ways to figure out the number. The first method uses your full name. Each letter corresponds to a number from 1 to 9, with A starting at 1. When you reach J, instead of 10, it goes back to 1, and so on through the alphabet. After assigning numbers to each letter, you add them. So, for example, if the sum of all your letters equals 68, then you add 6 and 8 together to get 14. A numerologist can also help you find your number accurately. 


If you have a karmic debt number of 13, you may experience a lot of frustration. You'll need to work very hard to carry out any task that lay before you. This number is generally a consequence of spending a previous life being lazy and taking advantage of other people.


This debt comes from spending previous lifetimes abusing your freedom. Now, you must adapt to changing and overcoming any unexpected circumstances. You should exercise caution when it comes to indulging in alcohol, drugs, sex, and food. Modesty is key to overcoming your debt, as is maintaining order to create emotional stability. An online psychic can guide you to the right path. Though life will feel like a rollercoaster, it's moving in the right direction, and you can get there through commitment to personal growth.


The number 16 is a cycle of destruction of old and birth of new. It's all about the fall of ego and cleansing. People with this debt number make choices that break what they've built, like a bad career choice or an act that destroys a great relationship. This debt is a lost battle, but it brings humility that leads to later success. If looked at properly, the continuous cycle of destruction and rebirth moves to a higher consciousness.


A karmic debt number of 19 means you must learn independence and how to properly use power. You'll have to stand up for yourself. Often, this will leave you standing on your own. However, you will face and overcome difficulties through your personal struggles.

Understanding karmic debt numbers can help you learn how best to face your problems and grow.


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