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Trust Your Tomorrow: Stories from Real Psychics

Date 7/2/2024

What does it mean to trust your tomorrow? Here are several personal stories from psychic advisors about times trust was tested (either for themselves or their clients), but hope won out in the end.

 Ill partner

Through Health and Sickness - Psychic Mabel’s Story

My story of helping someone is extremely personal and a hard one to tell, but ultimately it is one of perseverance, grit and an unwavering belief that God saw my heart the whole time. I can now trust my tomorrow because I feel I’ve been through one of the hardest life circumstances one could go through besides losing a child. Here is my story about how I learned to trust in tomorrow.

For ten years I was a single mom, casually dating. I had even spent four years in celibacy to grow my spiritual practice and write my novel. I was going along, running my business and growing my following on social media. But I was lonely as hell when the pandemic destroyed an otherwise healthy casual dating life. Then, a handsome guy, one who I had about 100 mutual friends with, popped up on one of the social media platforms I’m on. I decided to add him without much thought. That same day a message popped up in my DM’s. It was the cute guy, and we indeed had many close connections.

We hit it off immediately, both being Aries. He really loved my passion for tarot as I loved his passion for electric guitar. From our first date on May 8, 2021, we spent every weekend together up until two weeks before he died on October 27, 2023. We had no idea on that first date, but ALS had most likely already begun to take hold of his body. By September of 2021 we had the diagnosis and my life changed forever.

I know I did something extraordinary, staying with a man who I barely knew, and sacrificing my own health and career at times to care for him. ALS slowly, then quickly, robbed the love of my life from the very basics that make us human but there were still plenty of laughs along the way. I know I was the source of every good memory this man had in the last two years of his life and when he lost his ability to care for himself, I’d like to believe I helped him keep his dignity and a sense of pride when it would have been so easy to just give up. There were many days I did not think I could survive it and I look back and I’m still not sure how I did it.

After his passing, trusting tomorrow during took months and many therapy sessions. But oddly enough I trust my own and my daughters and my clients’ tomorrows more than ever. The small things about life are not worth stressing over because if we are good people, if we love unconditionally without abandoning yourself, you can do anything in this world.

Keeping your intentions pure and your heart clear will ensure your tomorrow in a way nothing else can, not even money. They say people do not remember what you say, but how you made them feel. Acting with integrity does not mean we will not feel anger, sadness, grief, betrayal, or any other disconcerting emotions. You do not have to be high vibe all the time to trust that you are strong. Strong people cry. Strong people feel. If your actions and words have the highest good for all involved, you will be blessed. You can trust your tomorrow. And maybe you’ll find you don’t even think about tomorrow so much because the trust is inheritably there.

- Psychic Mabel


woman with grandmother

Stronger on My Own – Psychic Kittie’s Story

In our lives, we make a lot of choices, and those choices open new paths. Many times, we go the wrong way, not trusting our intuition. I took a very bad path like this many years ago. This is my story to teach you to have faith and trust your tomorrow.

I met a guy when I was 22 years old. There were tons of red flags. My intuition said to leave this one alone; someone better was out there. Well, I didn't listen to it. So, I entered a whirlwind relationship and married this guy after only eight months. I was pregnant a month later.

He showed his true self after our first child was born. This relationship turned into emotional and physical abuse, which also included cheating. Each time I tried to leave, I came back. My confidence kept wavering and his threats were frightening. My grandmother, who had the gift of visions, said I needed to free myself. I was also meant to be a mother, but I was also meant to be a strong woman on my own. I was meant to go to college.

I suffered like this for years, 25 to be exact. He wouldn't let me get a job. If the kids did anything he didn't like, he took it out on me. It was no way to live, but I kept believing that it would get better. My life should be better.

In 2015, I had enough. I wanted to be free. I wanted to follow the path that was calling me. A few years before, my grandmother had encouraged me to start a business, saying I would need it. I always used my gift to read from friends and family as well as myself, so I started a website where I could use it professionally. My grandmother guided me through the process. I was finally ready to walk this path.

“One thing at a time”, was the message both my grandmother and I got when we used our gifts to decide what I should do. I divorced my husband, which was not an easy task. Life was tough, but my kids and I all felt relief. They were teenagers, so we all worked to save money. The next step was getting out of the state, away from the toxicity of the ex-husband and his family. Trust in my path led me somewhere new. The Universe provided all the signs. Getting callbacks for a home was challenging. Just when I thought we weren't going to make it, I received a call for a great place.

We were scared of leaving our home, but this was a new adventure for us. Signs came constantly on the drive up to Chicago. Every time I wanted to give up, there were more signs. We made it to our new home. Everything fell into place. It was all steps towards a better tomorrow. It took me several jobs to find where I fit.

The last job I had led me here to Psychic Source. I started college to earn my bachelor's degree. This job was a terrible environment. I was treated poorly and had a toxic boss, even at a management level. I knew that I needed to leave toxicity in my past.  The final nudge came during a dream of my grandmother. She told me that the last step for my happiness was coming, but I had to go for it. And I did. I quit that day. It was the start of the pandemic. I took a month off and then took a chance to get a job with Psychic Source. It was my dream job. I would get to use my natural gift and work from home. I still had my small business, and between the two, I was making what I left in the toxic job. Life was showing signs of happiness, which was my true path.

Almost four years later, I earned a bachelor's degree in the creative arts, I am still with Psychic Source, and I am financially secure. My credit is great, my kids have found their partners, and I even have a grandchild. I am in the process of buying my own home. And I'm writing not only a novel, but a children's book, I hope to publish this year.

This is the true path that my grandmother and I saw. Trust your tomorrow. Positive things will happen, even if you get sidetracked a bit. I had my doubts when things were tough. My grandmother insisted that what we were seeing would come to pass, and they did. Have that faith. Believe in what you are told about what comes next.

 - Psychic Kittie


Couple with a dog

A Guiding Light to Love – Psychic Kallie’s Story

My name is Kallie, and I've been an online psychic for several years. My clients come to me seeking guidance on various aspects of their lives, but the most rewarding part of my work is when I can help someone find true love. That's exactly what happened with a client named Emma.

When Emma first contacted me, she was feeling discouraged about her love life. She had been single for a while and longed for a loving, supportive relationship. As we delved into our session, I could sense her genuine desire for a deep connection. I also felt that she had been holding back in her search for love due to fears of vulnerability and rejection.

As I shared my insights with Emma, I advised her to take small steps toward opening herself up to new experiences and connections. I encouraged her to join social groups, attend events, and engage in activities that aligned with her passions. By doing so, I believed she would naturally attract like-minded individuals and increase her chances of finding the loving relationship she sought.

Emma took my advice to heart and began stepping out of her comfort zone. She joined a local book club, started volunteering at an animal shelter, and even took a cooking class – all activities that brought her joy and helped her connect with others.

A few months later, I received an email from Emma. She excitedly shared that she had met someone special through her volunteer work at the animal shelter. They bonded over their shared love of animals and discovered they had many other common interests as well. As they spent more time together, their connection deepened, and Emma felt confident that she had finally found the loving, supportive relationship she had been seeking.

Hearing about Emma's newfound happiness filled me with joy and a sense of purpose. As an online psychic, it's gratifying to know that my guidance can make a real difference in people's lives. Emma's story is a beautiful reminder that when we open ourselves up to new possibilities and follow our intuition, we can find the love and fulfillment we seek.

Working with clients like Emma inspires me to continue providing guidance and support to others on their journey toward love and happiness. Each success story is a testament to the power of human connection and the importance of following our hearts.

-  Psychic Kallie


 keys to a new place to live

Claiming Your Dreams – Psychic Agnes’s Story

I woke up on my friend's pullout to face another morning without a clear view of what tomorrow would bring. I was exhausted. I had been couch surfing for months, bouncing between my kind and generous friends' spare rooms and my sister's extra bed, just trying to get through each day without losing hope.

After finally gathering the courage to leave my abusive and domineering husband, life was still a struggle. Winter in Canada in 2021 was not kind. The lockdowns were still in effect, but precautions were starting to come down. I was working at McDonald's, trying to hustle my astrological readings to my coworkers to no avail. I wasn't seeing my kids as often as I wanted to because my ex-husband was holding them from me. Without a secure home, I didn't have a leg to stand on to fight back. 

To say I was depressed is putting it kindly, but I kept praying. Every morning I'd wake up and count my blessings, regardless of how few I could come up with and I made sure I listed them out and spoke with gratitude. Every night I would go to sleep and do the same. I spent a lot of time walking the streets trying to make myself a lesser presence in the extra spaces that my friends had granted me with generosity. I didn't want to overstay my welcome and had so few places to go. I didn't see my worthiness at all. I just didn't want to be a burden.

Then, on one particular September morning, I fell apart in the arms of my sister. One of the other friends I had been staying with told me she could no longer afford to help. Times were tough all around and she needed her home back to herself. I couldn't blame her. 

My sister looked at me and said, “Speak what you desire into the world, not just what you're grateful for.” 

I said, “It seems impossible, what I need is a miracle.”

My kind sister looked me dead in the eye and said, “You deserve a miracle.”

That night, during my prayers I spoke my wish into existence. I spoke of a landlord, one that would see my independent business and my hard work ethic as enough to bet on. With my shameful credit history, I had no luck up until this point. Every rejection that I had faced snatched a bit more wind out of my sails. But during this moment I put all of that behind me. I spoke this landlord into existence. I thanked God for my darling sister, my warm bed, and the roof over my head and went to sleep.

In the morning, I checked (for the millionth time) the local classified websites for new rentals in the area. To my surprise, an independent landlord had posted a space in a brand-new house. The space was available and in my price range. I reached out.

After speaking with pride about my accomplishments, and candor about my experience, the landlord and his lovely family decided to take my application. One week later, after a viewing and an in-person interview, I was given a tour of the brand-new house. I was told the basement apartment I was interested in wouldn't be available for a few more months. In the meanwhile, I was allowed to live on the top floor of the house with the extra bedrooms for the same price as the basement rental. 

This house had marble countertops and crystal chandeliers. It was 2400 square feet, with a backyard and a front yard, walking distance to schools and grocery stores. It was a dream, a miracle. I manifested a landlord who had a particular situation that required someone of patience and faith to be his tenant.

The opportunity seemed unreal. I readily provided any necessary documentation that the landlord required and kept in constant contact, and within a few days was granted an acceptance letter and sent a lease.

In the following months upon moving in, I would go on to expand my astrology business and eventually meet my future fiancé. Within 6 months, my new partner and I decided to move in together, sign a new lease, and agree to continue to stay in the larger space. Just shy of one year in the house, my children came to live with us full-time.

From Tupperware containers full of clothing, to sleeping in a new place every week, to an engagement to my soulmate in the house of my dreams surrounded by our children, I can proudly stand as proof that miracles do happen. 

In the darkest times, gratitude and prayer are so important. Those simple acts should be something we regularly commit to. But it is the belief in self as worthy of miracles that is most important. 

Claiming your dreams involves a commitment to your worth. To truly go from envisioning your best future to experiencing your desires, takes faith in yourself. 

You are worthy, believe me and yourself.


- Psychic Agnes 


 Breaking free

Learning By Helping Others – Psychic Celeste’s Story

This is the story of my personal experience with helping my first client trust their tomorrow. Back in 2016 I did a reading for a woman faced with a huge decision that could change her life forever. Uneasy about her life, she was looking for spiritual insight into what was truly going on. Her concerns were real, as a reading confronted her with many things that were wrong in her life—including being in a very toxic relationship that almost killed her.

I was able to explain the cause of all of her problems. And let her know that she had to leave her toxic relationship to really find who she was destined to become. She needed to believe that the goals she was setting for herself were reachable. There was a pot at the end of the rainbow waiting for her to find it.

We got to work immediately. Within the first seven months of my intuitive guidance, I helped her successfully go through the withdrawal of a ten-year relationship that almost destroyed her life. I also helped guide her to find the love of her life. They successfully connected and are very happy with each other. Both of them are excited for their future and what it will bring.

I feel proud and honored to help this woman out so much because she also helped me grow with my abilities. It was an incredible moment that I’ll always cherish forever. Because of her I went for my goals to become a professional, intuitive artist. I’m forever grateful for her. I helped her trust her tomorrow, and to believe in herself. I told her to put in the hard work and the universe would reward her with an abundance of love and stability—so much of it that she’d never have to worry ever again. Seeing her every day, thriving and growing, makes it all worthwhile.

Because of this experience, I realized the potential that I have in my talents. I found my first client and they helped me figure out what I had to do to grow as an intuitive artist. Not only did I help her, but I’ve also helped thousands of others with my advice and guidance. I am so glad that I trusted my tomorrow because I would’ve never found my purpose if I didn’t speak up and say that something needed to change in my life too. I had to believe in my own abilities, and to trust the process and always trust tomorrow because there’s always something to do each day.

I am grateful for my experience with my first client. She helped me realize how strong I am as an individual, and how I wanted to present myself to the world as an intuitive artist. My confidence has grown. I can face many things that I never thought I could, until I believed in myself. Having faith in humanity guides me each and every way. My spiritual team is amazing. They have helped my clients and I find the paths we were meant to walk.

- Psychic Celeste


 Trust your tomorrow

Honored to be of Service – Psychic Judy’s Story

With the guidance of my gifts, I have seen so much transformation among several clients of mine in so many profound ways. As they are the true drivers of their own souls, I always believe it is the person themselves that allows the guidance I provide to expand and metamorphize their lives. 

I see the biggest transformation in my client’s lives when they come home to loving themselves. So many times, we are living our lives through the traumas we survived.  Or inherit a world view that doesn’t fit us from our parents, or otherwise carry unhelpful assumptions created in any of our other relationships. As I provide guidance into issues stemming from built up baggage, together we go into releasing them with compassion and understanding. Then, my clients are able to expand within the area of self-love.

Whenever grow in self-love, we find a greater feeling of joy within ourselves and around us. Life opens up and we start to find the opportunities we’ve dreamed of in the areas of relationship, love, connections, career.  We metaphorize into who we were truly meant to be. My clients feel empowered, uplifted, and in tune with the magic of life.

Nothing excites me more than to see or hear people in a state of peace and love for themselves, and for the people they allow into their journey. I look forward to assisting all my clients for the highest good of their own lives to be able to get up in the morning and say “Yes, I love myself and my life”.  

- Psychic Judy 



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