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To Infinity and Beyond - The Power and Meaning of the Infinity Symbol by Psychic Izzy

Date 4/7/2023
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“To infinity and beyond!” – Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

When asked to write about the infinity symbol, my first thoughts range from math to spirituality. And interestingly, even inside our human body, the infinity symbol appears in our own cells with the double helix of the strands of our DNA - a continuous chain of figure eights.

Infinity Symbol

What Does Infinity Symbol Mean?

From a spiritual perspective, the concept of infinity, and the symbol, is broad and all encompassing. Through the practice of meditation, we become more mindful of wellness as we delve into the infinite and find inner peace, calm and safety. The symbol of infinity resonates with us, bringing a sense of oneness, peace, balance, focus, and harmony. The infinity symbol is often thought of as a sideways 8. Using the power of regeneration, eight is the number of the start or in motion of a process of spiritual awakening. Another example is eight as the number referenced with the power of resurrection, representing happiness and paradise achieved. Namaste.

Also, the Infinity Symbol holds a reverent meaning in religious beliefs: Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others. Regardless of your beliefs, many come to the conclusion that our human life has a limited time, yet our souls are infinite. The energy that created each of us is ongoing. Some even refer to this symbol as a never-ending line or forever symbol.

Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol and It’s Diverse Origins

As far as the history of the concepts of Infinity and the Infinity Symbol, the beginning of the beginning is always a question, lol. It depends on so many things. From a mathematical perspective, the infinity symbol began as a notation that embodies the concept of infinity, eternity, or never-ending. It’s also referred to as lemniscate curves in algebraic geometry, plus, the lazy eight with livestock branding.

In the 17th century, the infinity symbol was first used in mathematics by John Wallis. With Chinese wisdom, the infinity symbol illustrates prosperity and is used in Feng Shui to arrange living spaces in amicable alignment. In Egyptian history, the forehead of pharaohs showed the image of a snake in the shape of a figure eight. It was also the number of Thoth, the Egyptian god of the Laws and of wisdom and magic. In Indian cultures, we see the infinity symbol in depictions of Kundalini (life-force) energy and in the staffs carried by Hermes and Asclepius. Kundalini is used in Yoga, as the energy at the base of the spine.

With Greek origins, the ancient and most well-known portrayal of infinity is the Ouroboros accepted by the Greeks in 400 AD. This circular symbol shows a serpent demolishing its tail. There are differing opinions whether the Ouroboros symbolizes infinity, or the circle of life. This has been left up to interpretation. This concept also mirrors that of the ultimate yin yang symbol. The Latin word 'infinitas' which means unboundedness or endless, is the basis for our English word infinite. The Indian meaning of Infinity is dated approximately 4-3 BC. Indian mathematicians began to study what we know as Jain mathematics which classifies numbers into three sets: enumerable, innumerable, and infinite.

Infinity meaning in Cosmology can appear as a black hole with no end. Cosmology is the area of philosophy that looks at the universe as a whole. And astronomy, is looking for understanding the physics of the universe. In Numerology, the number 8 represents wealth and power. The number holds such great power, it requires discipline and hard work to effectively harness its true potential.

The popularity of the Infinity Symbol in fashion can provide a sense of elegance and ease. The infinity scarf, made popular by Calvin Klein, does not always assume the traditional shape of an 8, but, you can loop this scarf to mimic the design. In the jewelry world, it’s shown often as an infinity necklace, rings, bracelets, charms, pins, earrings, and watches. The Infinity Symbol also appears in pop culture. There are endless references in movies and television. One wildly popular movie Avengers: Infinity War, is a good example of the use of Infinity in modern films. This 2018 superhero movie is based on comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Powerful Exercises with Infinity Symbols

 Infinity Symbol

Practical and Mindful

When you are consciously looking for a deeper connection or additional harmony in your daily life, you can literally draw a series of infinity symbols in front of your body with your finger, starting above your head, and repeat drawing the symbols all the way to the floor. If you want to go further, you can imagine a word in each loop, or a single loop may hold more than one idea. The infinity symbol brings energy and balance to your focus. Working with infinity helps us connect with an improved sense of connection and equilibrium.

Healing 8

I love working with the infinity symbol during energy healing. You can visualize the Infinity Symbol and use it on any part of your body where more symmetry is desired. I enjoy incorporating the Reiki rainbow colors with this energy healing. When you are not at your best, think of creating the word “health” or another significant word on an infinity symbol that you bring with you or have on you like an “energy tattoo.”

Increased Focus with Art

If you are studying for an exam or desire sharp concentration for a paper or project, try this creative technique that creates results. Draw a basic infinity shape (sideways 8) on paper. If you choose you can add meaningful words like “allow” or “insight” on the infinity symbol or any words that resonate with you. Place this paper in important locations that you see regularly or fold it up and put in your pocket. In addition, you can wear infinity jewelry, so it’s always on your body. Ultimately, the intention and impact is experienced though the energetic field of our aura and our literal skin throughout our true essence.

Infinity Sign on Paper

Enhanced Clarity and Decision-Making

I also use the infinity symbol to make decisions when I am unsure or doubtful. Draw a literal 8 on a piece of paper and write one option in one loop and the other option in the second loop. Then take a pen and trace along the infinity symbol until you feel better. Repeat this tracing exercise for a few days until you received an improved state of awareness when approaching this situation. The infinity symbol, a closed loop with no beginning and no end, can provide you with unlimited energy if you find yourself in a debilitating situation.

Love and Relationship Harmony

An infinity symbol is typically engraved on wedding rings, where it depicts an everlasting relationship between two people. But it also is a useful tool to restore deeper understanding and harmony in any relationships with emotional unrest and conflict. The drama can be within yourself or when engaging with others. The power and beauty of infinity, teaches us a deeper and broader way of understanding how seemingly irreconcilable differences can find common ground and be reunited. In addition, it allows us to find a new higher ground for a fresh perspective. Clearly this is taking a broader, universal outlook from neutral ground, and that can change everything.

Infinity Symbol Road

Finding Common Ground

The potency of the infinity symbol is endless. Try this method to develop common ground. To utilize this energy, visualize yourself in one of the two loops and the other person in the other loop. Imagine that you continue to trace around the infinity symbol that links the two of you together until you feel that everything has reached an equilibrium and balanced state. Do not rush this process or give up. It may take repeated sessions to reach your goal or at least move in a better direction. Or maybe, it will happen quickly.

Take note: The energy of the Infinity Symbol is not intrusive or harmful in any way. Therefore, you can do this exercise as you think of others that you care for to enhance their situation or relationship.

Infinity Symbol Hand

Become One with Infinity

Working with the Power of the Infinity Symbol on a regular basis creates a path for raising your vibration and upgrading your level of awareness. We all want more peace and happiness. Start there and incorporate some of these methods. The techniques and tools play a big part in enhancing your wellness and leveling up your personal development. It is also considered a powerful tool in kinesiology and is used to integrate the left and right halves of the brain, bringing harmony to a person as a whole in mind, body, and spirit. The infinity symbol generates power and enhances spiritual growth. As a symbol of the infinite and eternity, the lemniscate opens up a further level of consciousness, helping us to regain our lost deep knowing, bond, and fluidity with Creation. This brings us to our soul-human awareness that we are all “one” on the planet, at least at a cosmic level. As humanity, we can strive for more compassion with one another.

The number of ways in which we can utilize this powerful symbol is impressive. You can paint or draw the symbol, get a tattoo, wear infinity jewelry, create art, have fun with food and nature or even just picture it in your mind, see it in the clouds, or simply draw it in the sand or air in front of you. All of these ways and more will help you to feel so much more in touch with your own personal power. And that, is what life is all about! Enjoy!



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Izzy supports and empowers you. She is direct, insightful, and compassionate as she tunes into your energy. Izzy has worked in this profession for more than a decade. She is a college graduate and a graduate of Enwaken Energy Coaching. Izzy is a Reiki Master and has extensive training and certifications in the fields of metaphysics, communication and intuition. Izzy is also a Pet Psychic, speaks to those who have crossed over, and can help to locate lost items. Bring your questions and concerns, and she will shine a light on your path forward.


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