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Published Date 8/6/2016
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Don't let negativity block your energy.

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People often wonder why they get stuck in a pattern or keep attracting the same kind of mean people into their lives. While you are in the situation it is often hard to see the answer as it is hard to be objective. However, you mind is so powerful that every time you say, "I think I'm having a heart attack," your body actually tried to have one.

This leads to two very important things:

Contain The Energy
The first being that if you know someone from your past, no matter how much time has passed, that is out there talking or thinking badly about you it will affect your life. The amount of negativity one sends out can completely bind people up for years. Often these kinds of blocks are so old that one really has to think about who would think that badly about them. Once that energy is contained the doors in a person's life fly open if the negativity is coming from an outside influence.

Creating Your Own Blocks
There is no nice way to say this but if you are in a space of negative thinking about your situation you are creating your own block. When something painful happens of course one needs to get it out and express how they feel. However, holding on to it will eat a person up inside and they are usually very angry with everything going on in their lives. It is so sad when this happens as I know I am talking to people with good hearts that have just been hurt way to many times.

Balancing Yourself
When either of these situations arise, it’s time to focus on you and nothing else so that you can bring yourself back into balance. By letting go and putting positive things out there for yourself will change the outcome of any situation. Your words and thoughts create your reality and since we have the ability to do this we can all create our own beautiful reality.

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