You Can Talk with Angels by Psychic LaRae

Published Date 11/6/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Angels communicate with us through our senses.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if an angel would sit down across the table from you, maybe over a cup of coffee and just tell you stuff? I would love it. That way the angels could tell me everything to do and I wouldn’t make mistakes, be hurt, or get entangled in any of the yucky stuff that we tend to find. However, that would defeat the purpose of being in a physical body.

Why communicate with angels? 
Angels want us to be happy while we're here in a physical body, learning and growing. They want to share joy, love, and laughter so that we can embrace life in an elevated way. They want to remind us of our divine connections and the cycle of life beyond here. The Archangels send thousands of messages a day. In their way, they do sit across the table from us over coffee and share information. Angels communicate with us through our senses; what we feel, hear, know or intuit. They also send us signs in our physical world in the form of dreams, repeated songs you hear in your mind, butterflies and birds that catch your attention, feathers, angel numbers, or through a psychic or medium. 

Everyone can talk with the angels. 
The easiest way to begin is just start talking to them. Ask the angels, "How do I best communicate with you?" It has been my experience that an answer always comes. I recommend getting an angel card deck and start drawing a card a day, asking the angels to help you understand the deeper meaning. By the time you have gone through your deck, you will be well on your way to establishing a deeper connection and communication with the angels.

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