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Published Date 4/18/2013
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Everyone has some kind of psychic abilities; it just takes practice!

Clients ask me how I came to be psychic. Here’s my story.

My Italian grandma taught me how to read the playing cards when I was in first grade (instead of doing my homework!), while my mother would watch and shake her head. My mother's family didn’t believe in psychic abilities. They were strictly Italian, Catholic, and superstitious.

My father's mother, however was the complete antithesis. She knew things, and I knew them too. It kind of reminds me now of the kid in The Shining and the character he encounters with the same gift.

In addition to learning how to read the cards, I would have prophetic dreams.  My mother would listen to my stories and still be in denial.

Clients always ask me about my personal experience, and if they can hone their own abilities. I always tell them that they already possess the basic gift; it’s like any other talent, like playing the piano. With practice, the development only gets more masterful.

 Then they ask, "How can I tune into my own psychic vibes?” I love talking about this because I feel like I’m sharing a secret with them, but I’m not.  Just like the characters from The Wizard of Oz, it was there all along. I share some tips and tools, arming them with new information that can help them become more "aware." Most of these clients call me back with progress, which makes me feel like the guide/teacher that I am.

Here are some of my tips for connecting with your most inner self and developing your third eye:

Get a basic set of tarot cards, most preferably The Rider/Waite deck.  This is the most popular and recognizable deck for beginners. Also, buy a manual that goes into depth about the cards. Study one card per day and really learn its meaning. You should concentrate on the rich symbols and the entire picture of the card.  One tarot card has so much going on that I still find things to explore! Study the suits, their meanings, and how they fall into conjunction with seasons, feelings, love, etc.

Once you’ve studied the cards, I suggest a one card reading to set the tone for the day.  Then try out a three card reading. This helps to tap into the subconscious and daily symbols of life. Is it any wonder the psychologist Carl Jung tapped into the mystery of tarot? There are archetypes that will make immediate sense—like an “Aha!” moment—things that click.

I also recommend a scrying mirror, guided meditations, and dream journals. Scrying is the art of gazing into an object with the intent of seeing symbols or pictures. As children, most of us did this by looking at clouds and seeing different shapes. In general, scrying is staring so intently upon an object with as blank of a mind as possible. 

This brings me to the crystal ball, which is probably the most recognizable of objects regarding scrying. The problem is that a good crystal ball is extremely expensive. I recommend a scrying mirror.

A scrying mirror is a black painted mirror. You can purchase one from a new age book store. It’s use is similar to that of a crystal ball. Be patient when using a scrying mirror, as it can take some time to see images. I use two purple (which represents psychic energy) candles on either side of my mirror. This must be done in a quiet and dark room, at night. The full moon is a good time for messages to come through.

This helps with meditation as well. Try and get all thoughts in as neutral a place as possible. Sit at a steady table and keep your feet on the ground while you stare into the mirror. I was told it takes some people a couple of weeks to get pictures, but mine came immediately. First, I saw gold sparks, then letters, then complete pictures—it’s amazing!

As you see these intermittent images, write them down. You’ll be amazed as you look at your notes later. I also recommend guided meditations.  Find one that suits you, lie down and listen as you empty your mind of all thoughts.  This refreshes you as you receive messages from your guides. 

I also tell people to write down their dreams upon waking. This is an easy way to track your subconscious thoughts. Granted, this is all a very rudimentary way to begin.  But, as with the piano, you begin with scales and easy pieces. It is a journey and it is everlasting. My being bows to your being.

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