Yoga has helped me focus on the important things in life

Published Date 7/13/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Yoga has helped me focus on the important things in life

After I had my last child, I found it tough to shed the extra baby weight. With my previous two kids, it seemed like working it off was a breeze. I was surprised at how difficult it was this time around!

Well, I decided I wanted to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I wasn't going to give up on feeling better about my body. During one of my psychic phone readings, I brought up the topic with my trusted psychic. As always, she had good advice on how to rebuild my self-confidence, lose those extra pounds and feel better as a parent.

My psychic suggested that I try yoga - an exercise that involves meditation and flexibility. Neither of these things have ever been my forte, but I gave it a try.

It's been three weeks since I signed up for a yoga class, and I love it! I've started to lose the baby weight, but I can honestly say that the meditation has been the most beneficial. I've been able to put my life back into perspective and live stress-free on a daily basis.

Suzie is a guest blogger for Psychic Source. She's a 45-year-old mother of three children who enjoys yoga, painting and taking walks with her dog.

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