Working Through Idea Overload

Date 4/2/2021

Sort through your ideas to find the ones that work.

Sort through your ideas to find the ones that work.

A wealth of ideas seems like a great thing until that rainstorm of inspiration becomes a threatening monsoon. If you feel like you're drowning in thoughts, it's time to thin them out. Use these tips to sort through your inspirations and identify those that are both promising and actionable. 

Identify the End Result

It's easy to generate vague ideas about activities that you'd like to do or projects you want to start. However, an idea isn't actionable and achievable until you can clearly identify the end result. What do you need to accomplish to make your idea a success? If your idea is to form a playgroup with local moms, specify what you want that group to do, how big you'd like it to be, and how often you hope to meet. Detail exactly what you're hoping to accomplish with the idea. If you don't have a clear outcome, let the thought go.

Outline the Steps to Success

For your idea to be successful, you must understand the specific steps that you need to take to achieve it. Workable ideas may be challenging, but they shouldn't be impossible. If your idea is to build a robot to clean the home but you have no knowledge of or interest in programming and robotics, this idea should be left to the fantasy pile.

Keep ideas that you can generate a clear list of actionable steps for. When you can state exactly what you need to do to get from your current point to your determination of success, you have an idea that's worth pursuing.

Evaluate Your Emotions

Carefully consider how your emotions are impacting your approach to an idea. While it's good to pursue things that you're passionate about, you shouldn't let your passion override sensibility. You might feel very strongly about your desire to meet your favorite celebrity, but this probably isn't a workable idea.

Speaking with a live psychic may help you unravel some of your emotions surrounding an idea. Ultimately, some of the best ideas are those that come from frustration or outrage. If you feel strongly that things should be different, you're more likely to find the passion you need to stick with the project and leap the obstacles that might fall in your path. 

Determine the Payout From Failure

The best ideas offer benefits even if you fail. For example, if your idea is to start a successful blog, one of the most important steps that you'll take is writing every day. While you can't guarantee that your blog will become wildly popular, you will undoubtedly improve your writing skills in the process. If your idea is to plant a garden and can salsa from your produce, you'll learn about gardening and likely get some tasty vegetables even if your first year's crop isn't substantial enough for a stockpile of salsa.

Sorting through a wealth of ideas can feel overwhelming. If you're not sure where to start, a psychic chat may help. Turn to an outside source for some fresh insights to help you clear your mind.


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