Winter Solstice: What Can It Mean For YOU? by Psychic Trecinda

Published Date 12/21/2012
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Changes in the skies bring about changes in our lives.

As long as mankind has looked to the skies, there have been days to embrace and celebrate the markers of the timeless, endless continuation of our life here on this beautiful planet Earth.  Do you look to the skies?  Can you see the Milky Way, as our little planet scoots along its ethereal edge?  Have you recently gazed upon the sunrise and sunset and given silent thanks for another wonderful day?

Changes in the skies bring about changes in our lives.  We all have access to the countless studies proving the effects of the heavenly bodies upon our own physical ones.  As springtime’s increase in daylight hours put an extra surge of energy into us, so does winter’s shrinking daylight reduce that energy and cause us to look inward and promote a time of both physical hibernation and spiritual introspection.  The most popular hibernating animal, the bear, is a superior example of what happens within ourselves as the light wanes; the bear experiences the physical effects of cold darkness, and he prepares for it with insulating fat stores, a safe den, and a focus on surviving the season of the Winter Solstice. 

We, too, as human beings, feel the effects of the waning light.  In contrast to our supercharged activities during the lighter half of the year, instead of being more physically active outdoors, we seek to bundle up to protect ourselves from the increasing cold, and we draw closer to the lights Indoors.  Our moods tend to darken in tandem with the heavens, and we dream of springtime and summertime warmth.  It is no wonder that upon the official “shortest day and longest night,” we can find a cause for rejoicing in the virtual “rebirth” of our very life force, as we are confident that the light will only grow brighter from that day forward!

Nature provides us tools and ornaments for this celebration.  Our homes become our own hibernal escapes; the wood of evergreens provides us with aromatic warmth, as do the rich aromas of spices used during this traditional season as we warm our kitchens with spiced pies, sweet cakes, and hearty entrees.  The bright contrast of the deep evergreens with the rich redness of cardinals and distinct markings of other winter-coated creatures create art for our eyes; we can see and feel the rebirth through the richness of sporadic colors. Our breath materializes before our eyes in the cold air, and Nature confirms the presence of our life force.  

With the promise of new life, we have every reason to celebrate and to plan for the future.  This is the perfect time to formulate the traditional New Year’s Day resolutions, and now is the time for us to look within ourselves and ask questions about our motivations and goals.  What did we do this past year?  Did we meet our goals?  How can we describe our relationships?  Did we nourish them?  Did we nourish ourselves?  

Without nourishing ourSELVES, we cannot nourish others.  Without reaching our goals, we cannot encourage others to the extent that we might want.  Without nourishing our relationships, we cannot expect them to flourish.  

So, as we snuggle up beside the cozy fire and semi-hibernate as well as we can, we can use this time of Winter Solstice as a time for introspection and planning.  Warming ourselves by the aromatic cedar fire, we can think about our families and friendships and of how to spend quality time with each one.  Breathing in the aromatherapy of spiced pies and ciders, we can think about our romantic relationships and how we can improve our communication and connections.  Watching the birds at the snow-covered feeders, we can think about our professional and creative goals and how to increase our productivity and our satisfaction with both.  

As we enjoy the gifts of this season, let us take the time to look within and look for answers.  Let us enjoy each other and the gladness that each day brings.  Let us be ready with some quality resolutions on New Year’s Day!  Blessings of this Winter Solstice season upon us all!

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