Winter Solstice - A Time for Spiritual Rebirth by Psychic Clarity

Date 11/19/2020
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The Winter Solstice at Stonhenge is a sight to behold!

The Winter Solstice at Stonhenge is a sight to behold!

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As of 5:44AM Eastern Time on December 21, 2016 winter will officially have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.  The arrival of winter often reminds us of challenging times. For centuries, winter has been called the famine months by many cultures. Literature often refers to winter as a time of old age or negative personality such being in “the winter of our life”, or a subject’s “wintry disposition.” For those of us who take a more Elemental view, we do not necessarily agree with these feelings. 

Today also marks the Winter Solstice, or the shortest day and longest night of the year, with daylight only lasting a little over 9 hours out of the total 24-hour day. It is a time when the sun is at its weakest and the electrical fire-like energy of the Earth is alive. It has been a symbol of rebirth since Neolithic times and is marked in well-known locations such as Stonehenge in England that has its primary axis on a sight line pointing to the winter solstice sunset, as well as Newgrange, Ireland whose sight-line is aligned with the sunrise of the winter solstice.

A Time for Spiritual Rebirth
So what does any of this have to do with us today in our everyday lives? The start of winter is a time for spiritual rebirth when the darkness of the year is now overcome with a new energy and the rebirth of light. It is while the Earth is sleeping and fire awakens that we gather energy from the Universal reserves and come to full and accurate knowledge that choice, not chance, determines our destiny! 

Choose to Accept the Positive
On December 21st of this year, I proudly join others who gather energy from the Universe around me and purge the dark thoughts of the past year. I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your own year and allow a new energy to fill you, one of hope and positive attraction. Allow the light inside you to bring new determination for a year of success. Sing the joyous carols of the season, light the fires of rebirth. Then go back to your everyday life, but go back with a little more hope. 

Take from this season the knowledge that every situation, no matter how hard or challenging, can be turned into light with one word: Choice. Choose to accept positive attraction and a new day, remembering that every dark night gives way to a bright new day and when we combine our energies in the interest of success, there is nothing we can not accomplish.

Wishing many new successes to you, 

Psychic Clarity

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