Why Self-Love Is the Answer

Published Date 11/18/2017
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Learning to truly love yourself can help you share your love with others.

If you feel ashamed, underappreciated, reproachful, or unhappy, the solution to your discomfort might not lie in others or in your environment, but in yourself. Self-love can dramatically change not only how you view and treat yourself, but also how you love other people.

Create a Healthier Lifestyle

Writing for the Huffington Post, deputy health living editor Lindsay Holmes reveals that self-compassion can lead you to healthier choices. Whether you're hoping to lose 10 pounds, run a marathon, quit smoking, or finally attend an AA meeting, you might reach those goals faster if you can practice self-love. If you view yourself through a lens of compassion, you'll readily forgive your mistakes and celebrate your accomplishments.

Cultivate Better Relationships

If you don't love yourself, you don't recognize your own worth. Consequently, you might perpetuate unhealthy relationships that cause you physical, psychological, or spiritual distress. For instance, women or men who lack self-love might stay in abusive relationships because they don't believe they deserve better. Furthermore, they don't know how to set boundaries to dictate what they will and will not tolerate in other people's behavior.

Save Your Own Life

Tiela Garnett of Tiny Buddha recounts a story about a young woman who overdosed — whether deliberately or accidentally — and how a lack of self-love might have played a part in her destruction. Garnett's story poignantly illustrates that your perception of yourself doesn't necessarily reflect how others see you. Consider asking friends and family members to describe you. Their responses might help you begin your journey toward self-love.

Gain Confidence

When you can't love yourself, you likely try to disappear into the shadows as often as possible, afraid that others will see the weaknesses you perceive in yourself. However, loving yourself allows you to accept those weaknesses — and even embrace them. After all, if everyone shared the same perfect qualities, we would have no need for socializing and communicating.

Embrace Your Gifts

Maybe you have a sibling or friend who appears to excel at everything. You feel inferior because you don't have those same natural talents, so your ability to practice self-love dwindles. However, if you recognize in yourself the gifts and talents you already possess, you can stop comparing yourself to others and instead celebrate your own contributions to the world. A live psychic chat might help you uncover those gifts.

Confront Problems Head-On

A lack of self-love might lead you to avoid problems or conflict because you don't feel capable of dealing with them. If you practice self-love, however, you can approach adversity from a positive perspective instead of a place of scarcity. You know your value and self-worth, so you can tackle any issue that comes your way, no matter how life-shattering it might seem in the moment.

Some people believe that self-love equates to selfishness, but that's hardly the case. In fact, if you can't love yourself, you might have trouble loving other people. To gain mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, consult an online clairvoyant who can help you find ways to increase your self-love.


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