Why Do Bad Things Happen To Me? By Psychic Clare

Published Date 4/26/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Sometimes bad things just happen, and it's out of our control.

Sometimes clients call Psychic Source just because they enjoy chatting with a friend or confidante, and I am happy to talk to them! More often, though, people tend to call us in their times of need. I consider it a privilege to help. After all, I’ve been there myself! Being psychic does not render us immune to problems, and let’s face it, life can be quite difficult.

One question that consistently comes up in psychic readings is, “WHY is all this bad stuff happening to me?!”  Especially among religious or spiritual people, there is a tendency to assume that there must be a reason for it, and this assumption often has roots in subconscious guilt for real or imagined “sins” on our part. 

Most of us have heard phrases like these:
God is punishing you for your sins.
You have bad karma from a previous life.
The universe is teaching you a lesson to help you overcome your ignorance.
It is a manifestation of your own negative thoughts.
You attract bad things because of your negative energy; if you put out positive energy, good things will happen.

We are trained in guilt from childhood by religion and society, and there are plenty of self-proclaimed “experts” who are all too eager to exploit that guilt. What do all of these “explanations” have in common?  That’s right:  blame the victim!  

Some will argue that the latter three “explanations” aren’t really based on guilt or blame. Rather, they are supposed to “empower” you by helping you “create your own reality.” Gosh, wouldn’t that be nice! If only it worked. As the saying goes, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” or the version I learned as a child, “We’d all have a stable full.” But in the real world, horses are quite expensive.

The fact is, like it or not, many things in life are simply out of our control. There are a few people who swear that “manifesting” (i.e. wishful thinking) really, truly works for them, and to those people I sincerely say, “Good for you!” As for me and nearly everyone else I know who has tried it, this belief system has only led to disappointment, denial, self-blame, or even psychosis.

The three former religious/spiritual “explanations” create guilt, self-doubt, distrust or resentment towards God, and force you to obsessively look for lessons in every circumstance—instead of actually living.  If you have studied the Bible this should all sound familiar, because the Book of Job addresses this very issue: “Why do bad things happen?” and then shoots down every one of the proposed “explanations!”  The real answer is that we simply do not know. We just do the best that we can under the circumstances, stop blaming ourselves, and trust in God (or higher power, or whatever you call it) even though we don’t know the details of the cosmic plan.

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