Whip Your Psychic Awareness Into Shape by Psychic Cheyenne

Published Date 4/12/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

If only getting your physical self in shape was this easy!

The more you use it the stronger it gets! Can it be that easy to get your psychic awareness back into shape?

Yes, it's that simple. Since we were all born with these abilities, it is a matter of exercising them once again. It only takes a bit of time on a regular basis to get our awareness back into condition!

The first thing we have to recognize is how to distinguish between what is our energy and what is not. When we wake up in the morning, this is our own personal energy—how we feel. 

Pay attention throughout the day to what you feel like; after a phone call, after you have talked with a co-worker or have been shopping. Empathically you will notice fluctuations in your own energy. Perhaps you are feeling worried after the phone call, more tense after conversing with a co-worker, and lighthearted after making your purchase.  It is very much like being a radio and tuning into different stations or frequencies.

If you have a trusted friend or family member who is also open minded, there is a wonderful way to practice your clairvoyant skills.  When you think of this person, what comes to mind? What do you see? It is best to keep it simple. Maybe when you thought of your friend you pictured her in a green sweater. Don't question the information you get, it will be meaningful. The fun part is validating what you saw. “When I thought of you today, I saw a green sweater… does that mean anything to you?” She can then share with you what it is you picked up on.

A few fun ways to practice seeing auras (the colors surrounding the bodies of living things) is to have your trusted partner stand in front of a white background or wall. Relax, and gaze at the wall near her body. You will naturally begin to see white. The aura will be seen as a color next to the white. At night, you can gaze above the trees the same way. You will begin to see the energy glowing above them in a greenish-blue light.

The information is always there for us to tap into. All we really have to do is allow ourselves to pick up on it by being calm, quiet and receptive. Then a day will come that you will be able to see and trust the information that came to you. I wish it was as fun and easy to get physically fit!

Author's Photo by Cheyenne x7505

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