When the Going Gets Rough by Psychic Sonata

Date 10/9/2017

One of the fun, colorful painted rocks Sonata found as a random act of kindness!

One of the fun, colorful painted rocks Sonata found as a random act of kindness!

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Recently, I was walking through the woods as I often do to clear my mind and rejuvenate. However, this day I was too preoccupied with thoughts of love, money and the events of daily life. I had a sort of melancholy frame of mind and I was really not absorbing all the beauty of nature around me. 

To my surprise I caught a glint of something unusual on the grass that looked like a rock that had been painted. I picked it up and found it was a childlike, cheerful painting on a small flat rock. It instantly lifted my heart and made me smile. 

I walked another 10 minutes and surprisingly I found another painted rock. These rocks were so joyful, it surprised me totally. What a kind gesture and by a happy coincidence I had found two. I smiled at the paintings and it made me feel so much better. It also reinforced in my heart that there's always a surprise in life, even though we may not see it manifest right now, good things are coming. 

When the going gets rough something good is around the corner. 

Later that night I was home reading the local news. I came across a story that there is a Random Act of Kindness project that encourages people to leave small hand painted objects lying about where people congregate. Who knows how many hearts have been lifted by this simple, small act of kindness, but mine certainly was. I still have them both today, you can even see a photo of one of them to your right. I keep them on a shelf where I put flowers and other treasures I find along my way.

Next time you are feeling down or need a boost, grab a few rocks and some paint or markers and add your own colorful touch to them. There is no wrong way to do it, just be creative and have fun! Then on your next walk outside, drop them off somewhere in the woods, along a hiking trail, in a garden bed, anywhere you think someone may find them and be as pleasantly surprised as I was.  

Pay it forward and share your own Random Acts of Kindness with strangers, it will do you (and the person you make smile) a lot of good!

Learn more about the Psychic Source Kindness Program and the great charities you can help support with your purchases. 

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