When People Need Help Moving On - Part 2

Published Date 10/28/2012
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Help with a haunting

As a minister I am sometimes requested to “exorcise” a home that is plagued by either demons or ghosts.  In one case the house was full of both!  When my best friend, a Wiccan High Priestess, accompanied me to the house, we went through the door and instantly felt very cold although it was in Florida and quite warm outside.  I asked the owner if she would mind turning the thermostat up on the air conditioner.  She replied that the air conditioner was not on; in fact, it was broken!  So this was the supernatural cold you will sometimes feel in haunted situations.

As we investigated the house, someone came up behind me and gently tapped me on the shoulder and said, “help me, please.”  The ghost was timid and frightened.  It soon became clear that she was trapped in this place along with another who was mean to her, due to their mutual karma.  “It’s ok, we will help you,” I said.  As my friend  and I walked around with our smudge stick and candle, the malevolent spirit repeatedly blew out the candle.

We then proceeded with a firm tone, powerful prayers and heavy magic, holy water and kosher salt in the usual manner.  We opened a portal to the next world, through which the gentle spirit gladly fled into the Light.  The mean spirit and a demon accompanying him tried to dig in their heels and stay, but we insisted they go – the former to his purgatory and the latter to whatever dimension of hell he belonged.  As we pushed them through the vortex the energy in the room was so strong that the t.v., which was off, made a loud popping noise.  And then all was calm and clear – and quite warm.  The owner heaved a sigh of relief.

We later learned from the owner that the previous residents had been an unhappy couple, the woman quite sickly and the man ill-tempered and abusive, and there was suspicion that he had killed her but nobody knew for sure.  The energy of the house had been quite uncomfortable for the new owner until we helped the departed move on.

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dluvsjc11: I like it so much it is as if I am reading a ghost story but this one is very real, thanks & waiting for more interesting articles.

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