When Left Is Right: 6 Reasons to Enjoy Being a Leftie

Published Date 2/24/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Righties don't know what they're missing

You might not think that Leonardo Da Vinci, Jim Carrey, David Bowie, President George Bush, and Chewbacca the Wookie have all that much in common, but they are, in fact, all left-handed. While not all left-handed people are so easily recognizable, Dr. Alan Searleman argues that if you’re a leftie, it’s likely that you’re more intellectual and artistic than your right-handed friends. It doesn’t end there though; here are six more reasons why left is most definitely right.

You're Not Just Intellectual, You Might be a Genius

A higher intellect seems to come as standard for left-handed people, but it goes further than that. If you’re a leftie, you have a good chance of having an exceptionally high IQ. Need proof? Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein were all left-handed. Furthermore, the high IQ society Mensa International reports that 20 percent of its members are left-handed people with an IQ of more than 140.

You Will Have a Satisfying Sex Life

The Lelo 2014 Global Sex Survey found that left-handed people are likely to enjoy a more satisfying sex life. It’s not just a small difference either; 86 percent of lefties reported being extremely satisfied with their sex life, compared to a lowly 15 percent of right-handed people. 

You Have the Potential to Become President

While becoming president requires more than being left-handed, looking back at the last few people to rise to the top of American government, it does seem that lefties have massive leadership potential. George W. Bush aside, the last five U.S. Presidents have all led with their left hand. It’s a theme that continues around the world. British Prime Minister David Cameron is a leftie, as were Irish leaders Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern.

You Can Type at the Speed of Light (In Theory)

When typing English words on a standard QWERTY keyboard, you’ll find that you type almost 1,500 with the left hand alone. In comparison, you'll type less than 190 solely with the right hand. While this fact won’t automatically give you fingers of fire, it does make it more likely that you’ll do well when learning to type.

You Could be a Sporting Champion

It appears that lefties could have something of an advantage over their right-handed counterparts. Righties can seemingly become confused by the tactics of left-handed sportspeople; an effect that is obvious on everything from tennis courts to boxing rings. Famous sporting lefties include Babe Ruth, Paula Radcliffe, and Martina Navratilova.

You Have Your Own Day

On August 13 each year, lefties from around the world celebrate their "gift" on Left Handers' Day. Join the free Left Handers' Club and get your own certificate and "backwards" calendar. You can also take a test to see just how left-handed you actually are.

As you can see, being left-handed is actually quite cool (if you didn’t know that already). If you’d like to find out more about your secret abilities and talents, a live psychic chat might help, or perhaps a tarot reading might show you where you should focus your fantastic southpaw efforts.


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